Cycling new tank

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    I just got a brand new 14 gallon tank I'm dividing for my bettas. I've never started a brand new tank before so I'm a bit confused as to how to cycle it. I have no other tanks to use media from as my bettas are currently in unfiltered bowls. Also, because I've never cycled a new tank before I plan on doing a fishless cycle rather than risk my fish. I plan on using Tetra Safe Start as I've read it's the speediest way to cycle the tank. I have a few questions on how to begin.

    I read that TSS can't be used with water conditioners like Prime as it locks the ammonia, starves the bacteria and ultimately stalls the cycle. I also know I have to treat the chlorine in my tap water before adding fish so do I add the Prime first and wait a day or two (or more) before adding the TSS? Or do I add the TSS first then wait a day or two (or more) before adding the Prime? Or is it better to get a different brand of water conditioner that will be effective against the chlorine but not harm the ammonia and if so what brand do you recommend? At what point should I add my fish? I saw in the tetra q&a thread that one fish should be added within the first 12 hours of adding the TSS but the tank won't be fully cycled and I don't want to risk my bettas getting sick. So many questions......
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    Hi! How neat that you were able to get a larger tank for your bettas. My understanding is that TSS should be added at the same time you add fish. I used TSS in brand new tanks with two of my bettas and just a plain water conditioner, not Prime (I think it was Tetra's brand). Worked great!
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