Cycling New Tank...

  1. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Hi, I just purchased a 55 gallon tank and now it is time to cycle it. I was wondering if I could put some of the old water from my 29 gallon tank (and gravel) into the tank and if that would work? But don't I need some sort of ammonia source? Thanks! Any suggestons would be great because this is my 3rd time cycling a new tank (10,29 and now 55)!
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    congrats on the new tank!!

    you can take some gravel, decorations, and some of the filter media to cycle the new need fish to go with it though for the ammonia source..its like an instant cycle...

    how long have the other tanks been cycled? that makes a difference too..water doesnt contain enough bacteria to worry about and only transfers nitrates (waste) more than anything.....

  3. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Well my 29 gallon has been cycled since this past June...So I am not sure if that will help much?
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    yes it will help allot...take some of the filter media, gravel, and a couple decorations...what are you stocking in the 55g?

  5. pepetj Well Known Member Member

    You are pretty much covered here with Shawnie.

    Since you have two AquaClear 50 in your 29, I suggest you place one of those in the 55 and add your fish right away. I would place a new AC70 in the 55 and return the AC50 in four weeks time to the 29gal. For the time being I would feed smaller amounts more frequently than usual to prevent both tanks from Ammonia spikes.

    As a precaution I would consider using 5ml of Prime (you already have it) every other day in the new tank for a week or so.

    Santo Domingo
  6. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Well, I am not sure yet. I know that I want to stock it with a schooling fish, just not sure what kind yet. I don't plan on growing live plants so I don't have to worry about fish eating them. Any suggestions?
  7. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    well if you use established media and such, you must add some fish with go smaller ones to not upset the bacteria...but dont use anything until you are ready to at least stock something with food takes too long to decompose to create ammonia and pure ammonia is sometimes too strong and will overwhelm the colony on the established things..did that make sense ? LOL

    how about 3-4 danios with your piece of media, some gravel in a stocking, and 1-2 decorations from your 29g tank? then wait 2 weeks and go from there?

  8. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Thats sound like a perfect plan to me! Thanks!
  9. pepetj Well Known Member Member

    What about Rainbowfish? Consider the Boesemani as centerpiece good-sized school and build around it. I am keeping my M Boesemani school (6 males, 4 females) with a school of nine Glass Catfish, a small (seven) Betta Sorority and a mixed Upside-down Catfish shoal (3 Giants and 3 "regulars").

    I love that tank.

    Santo Domingo
  10. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    I would get some prime also as pepetj suggested...that way you are prepared if a mini cycle happens

  11. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Sounds good, I have lots of that stuff around.
  12. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello WolfPack and congrats on the new tank. I hope you can share some photos along the way.
    Best wishes!
  13. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Thanks Ken, I planed to stock my tank with Bloody Parrots;D
  14. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Ok, my tank is filled up. I used the same color color in my 10 gallon as my 55 so I put the 10 gallon gravel in the 55 along with the filter.
    So I am running my Aquaclear 30m(from the 10 gallon) and the Powerfilter 55. I also used my decorations from my 10 gallon to put in the 55.
    In the tank right now I have 1 cory cat, 1 dwarf gourami, and 1 pleco.
    I'll test the water tomorrow, I also have a air pump running as well.
    What next?
  15. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Hello WolfPack. Keep an eye on your readings. Personally I would wait 2 weeks before adding any additional fish. Let your bacteria colony get good and strong with the fish you currently have. Sounds like you're on the right track! :)
    Keep us posted.
  16. WolfPack21 Member Member

    Thanks Ken, I have one more question. My water level seems to be a little uneven. Not very much maybe less than half and inch from the right to the left side. What should I do to fix this?