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So I just set up my new 55g tank (pic included because I’m in love with it) and I have a question about the cycling process...I had a 10g tank I was using that contained 6 platys. That tank was already cycled so when I set up this new 55g I added the 6 platys from that tank Into the new one and put the filter I was using (top fin silentstream 10 power filter) into the 55g as well. In the 55g on the other side is also a top fin silentstream 75 power filter. I figured if the filter from the 10g already had enough good bacteria that it would be fine to move to the big tank. But now I’m worried I messed up by not going the traditional route and cycling the 55g tank with the liquid ammonia stuff. With such a small bio load will the new filter that came with the 55g tank be able to build up enough good bacteria for me to add bigger fish? And if so how long should I wait before introducing 1 or 2 new fish to the tank?


The bioload is depending on the fish that were used to create it. You should be fine since you added in all the filter media into the new tank with just the 6 platys. So there will be enough bb for them.
I just recently went from 16g to 45g and added new fish gradually. Then I just checked the water parameters a little bit more while the new fish were getting used to the tank. I haven't had any ammonia spikes at all and I've added quite a bit of fish at one time too.


I do fish in cycling and sometimes do the same thing with filters your platys should be good to cycle with over time your new filter will catch up cycling takes time and patience I have a few 55s ( my favorite size)give it a few weeks you might want to put some gravel from the other tank in to help with it


You're on the right track. The filter media you transferred will provide seed bacteria. There are bacteria on other surfaces, but the media you transferred is a good start. I'd test the water every day to begin with. The only thing I can think of that might go wrong is if you introduced a bunch of new fish all at once. Otherwise even though you have a small bioload it will be enough to feed the cycle.

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