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  1. RobertGold Initiate Member

    Hi, I need some clear, detailed advice on cycling a new tank. I've read up on it, but I'm just not understanding it completely. I have ordered tetra safe start and dr tims ammonia drops and they should be here in a few days, so I would like advice on how to use both of them properly.

    A little background: after my daughter won a goldfish (Robert) at a school carnival, I bought a 1 gallon bowl to keep him in temporarily, and yesterday I bought a 37 gallon tank. It is set up, but now I don't know what the next steps are. I do not want to have to wait several weeks for this tank to cycle, I hate to keep poor Robert in his bowl any longer than necessary, although I do daily 40% water changes and he seems healthy and happy. I also have an API master test kit to use.

    Can someone give me clear step by step instructions on how to proceed?
  2. Mom2some Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to the forum! Good for you for getting Robert a bigger home. In this situation I would think a fish-in cycle with TTS would be best to get him out of the small bowl. For this you set up the tank, add water, add dechlorinator (ex Seachem Prime). Let tank run for 24 hours. Add the fish And Twtra Safe Start. Feed lightly (as in once every other day) for 2 weeks. Then test your water on Day 14. You should have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites & >0 nitrates. Then begin tour weekly/biweekly water change schedule.
    There is a thread of Q&A from Tetra Safe Start in the water sub forum but I don't know how to link it on my phone. Keep asking questions!

  3. RobertGold Initiate Member

    Will it be safe to add Marimo moss balls and Java moss before the tank is fully cycled or do I need to wait?
  4. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

  5. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    You should get the goldfish into a pond. 37gal will be okay for a while, but once he's bigger you will need to get a pond.
  6. RobertGold Initiate Member

    He is a common goldfish. I understand they need very large tanks/ponds but for now this is what he is getting lol. I'm perfectly willing to rehome him but I need to find someone with a pond first. I didn't want a goldfish, I prefer fantail guppies. We have gotten kind of attached to him though, so until he dies from something else or I can get him to a pond I think he will be fine. If the cycling goes wrong and he dies then I will just add a heater and go with tropical fish that don't poop so much. Thank you all for responding and answering my questions!
  7. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to Fishlore :;hi2

    You're an awesome fish mom or dad. Those darn school carnival fish! Thats how I got into this hobby many years ago lol.

    Anyways, TSS will be great and will cycle your tank. It ammonia gets near 2.0 then it has failed but that normally does not happen with one fish in such a nice big tank which should last a number of years before you need to either a) rehome him or b) buy him an even longer tank. Goldfish need swimming room more than anything but he should be fine for quite awhile in the 37g. Maybe by then you'll want to put in a pond :)

  8. RobertGold Initiate Member

    Are there any other fish I can put in with him?
  9. Mom2some Well Known Member Member

    I don't know much about goldfish, but I know there is a subform devoted to them... my instinct would be no just because of the huge bioload of goldfish, but I don't have any experience.
  10. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    While he's young you could probably buy some white cloud minnows. They are also in the carp family, a cold water fish and are really beautiful! They look washed out and stressed in the stores but once they're home and comfortable they are beautiful little fish. If you wait until he's older he'll just think they're food but if you add them now, while he's young they may make alright tank mates.

    If you can't find them, there are also the rosy red minnows which are more common. They look like small orange goldfish but don't get bigger then an inch and a half or so and are very thin like the white clouds.

  11. RobertGold Initiate Member

    Ok, I need a little more advice. I added the TSS+, and Robert to the tank. But I also found someone with a goldfish pond that will take him. My ammonia hasn't shipped yet, so after he leaves the tank on Monday, how can I keep the cycle going? Should I add fish food? Or should I keep looking for plain ammonia? I read that ACE hardware has it sometimes.
  12. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Yes you can use fish food until your ammonia arrives, to keep it from making a mess you could put it in a little bag made from nylon tights
  13. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Yes, Ace Hardware does sell their janitorial strength pure ammonia. Make sure it has no dyes, perfumes or surfactants.
  14. RobertGold Initiate Member

    So it's been about 53 hours since I added an entire bottle of tss+ and Robert to the tank. Just for the heck of it, I decided to test the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. All were 0ppm. So since there is no ammonia does that mean that all the bacteria I added have died?
  15. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Hmmm not necessarily. Did you shake test bottle #2 of the nitrate test really well? as in bang it on your hand or counter top for 30 seconds before using it. I wouldn't expect readings of really anything with one fish in a 37g at this point.
  16. RobertGold Initiate Member

    I used a stopwatch and shook it hard for 1 minute. Since Robert is leaving tomorrow, should I go ahead and add another bottle of TSS+?
  17. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Did you pick up your ammonia yet or are you adding fish? I can't remember.
  18. RobertGold Initiate Member

    I have the ammonia, I'm not really ready to add fish yet, I'm still deciding what I want.
  19. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Ok, thats what I thought. After Robert leaves, dose ammonia to 1.0, add in the bottle of TSS+ at the same time :)

    Check ammonia, nitrites and nitrates after a couple days to determine if you should dose more ammonia.
  20. RobertGold Initiate Member

    Any idea on how many drops of ammonia per gallon I should add?