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    Below are pictures of my test results from 1/25 (pic without card) and 1/31 (pic with card)

    Am I almost cycled?? I’ve been doing 20% water changes every other day. Should I stop? Do more? Its a 10 gallon with a betta and a nerite. I’ll admit I bought them before doing adequate research and now I’m worried about them going through the cycling process. I’ve since done SO much research on cycling and I’m still confused. lol any help is appreciated

    (I’ve been dropping a small piece of algae wafer in the tank for the snail, and just bought a zucchini to see if he’ll eat that)

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    Looks like your ammonia is still high. Since you are cycling fish in I would invest in some Prime to help neutralize the ammonia while its cycling, and also a bacteria starter to help your cycle along as well. Research will give you plenty of options there. I personally used API Quick Start which did well for me, but a lot of people prefer the Tetra or Dr. Tim's products. Keep an eye on it for sure. Water changes can help control the ammonia and such, but how many depends on who you ask. Personally I think you are doing ok.

    Make sure you aren't overfeeding, since the more you feed the more ammonia they are gonna produce.
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    Looks like you're in the "second half" of the cycle. First half: your fish produce waste and uneaten food breaks down and produces ammonia. Then climbs and peaks (1-2ppm depending on the frequency of water changes) then after a million pwc's drops down to 0ppm. Now the nitrites begin to climb and can get to be very high (and very toxic to fish if you don't monitor it) then after a few weeks of keeping the nitrite level below 1ppm it will drop to zero. You will know when you are cycled when your ammonia is 0ppm, your nitrites are 0ppm and you should have some nitrates as this is the byproduct of the ammonia turning to nitrites and then to nitrates. To me I'd say you have 1-2 MAYBE 3 weeks left. But if you want to speed things up my advice is to add some TSS+

    Here found this... should help n-cycle.gif
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    Awesome!! Thanks so much! I’m going to go pick up some Safe Start
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    You can of course do that but I see that your nitrites have spiked and have gone back down to zero. Now that that has happened you shouldn't see them again.You are also seeing some nitrates. That tells us that this cycle is almost done.

    I will recommend you get a bottle of Prime. It is first and foremost a water conditioner but it has the extra benefit of detoxing low amounts of ammonia. As long as your ammonia level is below 1 just add enough Prime to treat the full volume of your tank and your fish will be protected from the damaging affects of ammonia.

    If the ammonia goes up to one or above do a water change to get it back below one and again add prime to detox what is left. If there is ammonia in there it will still show up in the test but it will be ammonium instead of ammonia. The test can't tell the difference between the two.

    The bottled bacteria might speed up the completion of your cycle but from what I am seeing you are already very close to complete.