Cycling - Ammonia Hasn't Dropped Yet

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    chrish828 Member Member

    I have been cycling for 2 weeks now and have just noticed nitrites yesterday. I tested today again and have found nitrates. :) I also tested the ammonia but it still seems the exact same that I dosed 2 weeks ago (about 2 ppm). The nitrites are about 5 ppm. Is this normal. Does the ammonia always take longer to drop, and does each molecule of ammonia make multiple of nitrites?

  2. KinsKicks

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    Firstly, what are you using for ammonia dosing? It is actually a bit normal. The nitrites take a bit of time to establish, and it seems its beginning to tackle the ammonia. You always have to keep in mind the ammonia readings can be a bit "off." Because we can't get exact numbers from test kits, you have to rely on color, so in reality, although it says 2ppm, it could be 1.5-2.5ppm for example. But it seems like your cycle is doing just fine.

    As for the molecules of ammonia question, generally, a certain amount of ammonia produces a certain amount of nitrite, and how fast this occurs depends on the size of your bacterial colony (which is pretty small for the most part now). But you should see nitrates soon; those bacteria take a lot longer than the ammonia-fixing bacteria to colonize.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!