Cycling Almost Complete????

  1. rockmissjess Initiate Member

    Im cycling 3 tanks right now... ammonia levels have finally gone down in all the tanks but still have 2.5 - 5 nitrate readings... its almost complete now yes??

    Nitrite is 0 in all tanks and ph is 7.4 in all tanks
    Ammonia is 0 in all tanks but one and that one is 0.2

    So that means cycling is almost complete yes??
  2. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member


    I'd say if you have 0 ammonia and nitrites, and nitrates, then you are cycled. BUT, this depends on how much ammonia you're dosing. It doesn't sound like you've added a lot based on how little of a nitrate reading you're getting. Imo, is only be safe with being fully cycled if your doing at 4-8 (I personally do 8)ppm and able to nitrates in at least 24 hours (12-15 is preferable)

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

  3. rockmissjess Initiate Member

    I used bio spira and stabilty the first week... did the pinch of flake method the next week (did two water changes per week) then added two tetras in each tank for ammonia source the next week as well as their flake feedings... all tanks have 4 live plants each... and i also used filters from cycled tanks to jump start the 3 tanks... i just need to wait till the nitrates are at 0 and ill be done right? since everything else is at 0?
  4. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Your nitrates will never be 0 (unless you got a poopton of plants or using a chemical of some sort to drop it). Nitrates is the last step of the nitrogen cycle, so there's no bacteria there to bring it down. Based on this, I'd say your tanks are cycled for he amount of ammonia you've been adding/having, but add stock slowly as you are found a finsh-in cycle and you don't want to overload the BB too quickly

  5. rockmissjess Initiate Member

    I usually keep my tanks super stocked with amazon swords... im just waiting till the ones in the smaller tanks that are cycling grow a bit more before re arranging plants again.. soon enough the new tanks will be overgrowing with swords too lol