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Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by Jamie Boshier, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Jamie BoshierValued MemberMember

    Hi, I'm in the near future purchasing a huge 6ft x 2.5 x 2 tank.

    When this is eventually set up and hiding water how do I cycle the tank properly to prepare it for my stock?


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  2. AquaticBrandonWell Known MemberMember

    I've read on here that many people use TSS (Tetra Safe Start) which gets your tank to cycle faster.

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  3. FiscCyningWell Known MemberMember

    Have you read this article on the nitrogen cycle (click the blue link)? Doing a fishless cycle is the best way to cycle a tank, and you can do so by adding either fish food or pure ammonia to a tank with no fish in it and monitoring the water parameters until it is completely cycled.
  4. LyfeoffishingWell Known MemberMember

    If it's going to be a planted tank i would say to a fishless cycle with all the plants you hope to have. Dose with pure ammonia I used janitorial strength ammonia from aces hardware store for my 55 gallon. Cycle took me a little less then a month. This time will help you learn more about your plants and will still give you something to look at.
  5. Jamie BoshierValued MemberMember

    I have a long saving period so as you said I'm doing all the research payable on all the fish. I don't think I will have plants as I'm having an oscar and he will rearrange at will haha. Can you give me a simple condensed instruction on what to do regarding the circle?


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  6. LyfeoffishingWell Known MemberMember

    Oh oscars are cool. Well pretty much the cycle with ammonia is like this.

    Dose to 4ppm ammonia until you get a nitrite reading then keep dosing till you get a nitrate reading that is off the charts. Then keep add ammonia until you can get 0ppm ammonia and 0ppm nitrite in 24hrs. Then you are cycled and its time for some large water changes to get nirates down.
  7. Jamie BoshierValued MemberMember

    just read up a bit. 70-80 percent water changes.... With my tank it's going to end up being 500liters of water!

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