Cycling 8g Tank W/ Ada New Amazonia + Kellan Aqua Power Sand

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    I'm planning on keeping a heavily planted shrimp-only tank, and it's been fishless cycling for about two weeks now. the subtrate (ada new amazonia+kellan aqua power sand) is about 2 inches deep in the front and 3 inches deep in the back. i have a tetra twin brilli filter (it's a sponge filter that's about 12cmx9cm big) and a nice piece of rock i took from an established betta tank. there's also a diy co2 in there, and lights are left on for about 6 hrs- the plants are growing like crazy (i had to trim yesterday).

    i made a mistake and didn't test the water parameters for two weeks, except for the ammonia. i read that new amazonia leeks a lot of the stuff in the first few weeks and i focused only on that, which was a mistake on my part. so i have no idea if my tank is on the right track or not..

    the ammonia is at about 1.0ppm~2.0ppm. i have an api freshwater master test kit, and it has been that way since the beginning. (actually ammonia was at about 4.0ppm when i first tested two weeks back.. i did a 80% water change that day to bring it down, and i'm assuming it's been at around 1.0~2.0 since then)

    today i tested the nitrite and ph for the first time. nitrite was at 0ppm and ph was at 6.4

    is my tank on its way to getting cycled??? i thought i should be reading some nitrites right now, but i've done the test twice and it came to 0 both times. is something wrong with the cycle and do i need to intervene in any way..?
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    Welcome to Fishlore, hope you get some responses today
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    You'll want to check the nitrAtes for any raises, or accumulations.
    Once it becomes measurably high, at least over 20ppm, you'll be cycled.

    8 gallons shouldn't take but week or so.