cycling 29 gal. tank

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    goldenrod1967 New Member Member

    I"m getting ready to start a 4th tank :D After some window shopping, I'm thinking about getting harlequin rasboras and pristella tetras for something different- I've had larger fish (koi, oscars, silver dollars) for years and haven't had any of the little guys since I was a little girl. I remember having guppies and zebra danios growing up, and feel the need to try some little guys to be more "well rounded"!!. ;)
  2. atmmachine816

    atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    Well why don't you get a bigger tank for your silver dollars since I think if I am not mistaken that they need a larger tank and get a 20gallon long instead of a 29 as I think you would be able to put more fish in it but not sure on that one as I dont konw the dimesnions.
  3. OP

    goldenrod1967 New Member Member

    My silver dollars and oscars are in 55 gal. tanks- smaller fish are going in the smaller tank