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Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by Racing1113, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Racing1113Well Known MemberMember

    So, this is embarrassing but I'm still pretty clueless about cycling. I checked out the stickies and I try to read a lot of the posts about cycling. But I'm still so confused. I've somehow managed to cycle 3 tanks and had mostly successes. My first was a 2.5 gallon for my betta a few years ago and now that I know about cycling I feel so bad for him! My second was a 10 gallon with glofish and I think I had African dwarf frogs in there as well - this tank I at least let run for a few days and added Marineland bacteria. Third tank is my current 29 gallon - used API bacteria but immediately added fish and almost all of them died overnight. Let it run for a few days, tried again and no losses. So basically, the tanks somehow, someway eventually cycled but I have no idea how long it took since this was way before I found this forum so wasn't testing parameters.

    I've been wanting to replace my last betta who passed away and totally made an impulse buy at Walmart about a week ago. He's currently in my 1.5 gallon QT tank (obviously not ideal but I figured it as better than being in the cup). Saturday I will be getting a 10 gallon for him and I'd like to actually cycle the correct way this time. Right now I'm just changing water every day and he seems to be fine - blowing bubble nests even. The filter in the QT tank is new so hasn't had time to cycle and seed the media - I don't even know if a tank that small can cycle. Normally I would just take some extra media from my 29 gallon but with meds in the tank and probable columnaris I obviously don't want to use any of it. I know for a fish in cycle I can use Stability or TSS+. And if I'm remembering correctly with TSS you don't do a water change for 2 weeks and don't dose Prime since it locks up the ammonia, but with Stability I'd be dosing if and Prime every day. Right? Am I even close? Is one method better/easier/faster? Again, so lost about how to do this correctly. Sorry for the novel!
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    I'm new as well but I believe to have a correct and good answer for you and if not I'm sure a more advanced member can correct me,

    The first thing you'd want is to get an API Master test kit, that's the only true way to tell if you've cycled or not. Specifically- Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate test kits.

    When you get the tank you'll want to set it up and you'll have 0 of ammonia nitrite and nitrate. In order for the bacteria to begin growing they need a food source (naturally this would be fish poop ;) ) which is where the ammonia comes in. For a fishless cycle (recommended) you can either add a few drops of pure ammonia (I think you can find it at your LFS) or fish flakes. To jumpstart the process of growth in your bacteria colony this is when you would add TSS or Prime Stability, because these are the bacteria you're looking for. It's not necessary but it will speed things along. What you want is for your ammonias to become nitrite and then nitrates. Test every other day for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. Once the waste has converted from ammonia into nitrite and from nitrite into nitrate, you can add your fish addition and slowly build from there. Or add more waste to be sure you have a big enough colony to handle the bioload of the new addition, and repeat the steps above. Only get one fish at a time because the colony of bacteria will still be small. :) If you test any ammonia while a fish is in the tank you can add Prime to the tank and it will detoxify it, until it's converted. But the goal is no ammonia of course. Hope this helped!

    You can use Prime and Stability together, but if there's no fish you won't need Prime or a water change. So you could use TSS. But it would have to be two days after you've filled the aquarium as you've hopefully dechlorinated the water. (I believe you're using Prime) Stability could be added without the two day wait based on the "Prime and Stability work together" claim.

    Also- adding old gravel, and filter media will also speed up the process!
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  3. OP

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    Thanks, however I already know how the nitrogen cycle works and already have the API master kit. As mentioned earlier, I've had two tanks for quite a while, and I won't be doing a fishless cycle since I want to get the betta in a bigger tank. I'm just needing directions on how to do a fish in cycle with either Stability or TSS+
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    Sorry, I thought you were still confused about cycling, my bad!

    Doing a fish in cycling will be okay considering it's a betta, I guess. Remember, stability and TSS speed it up but the effects are not anywhere close to immediate. I'd recommend using Stability over TSS when doing a fish in cycle, you'll want to add either the dosage following the instructions on the bottle or dump the whole thing in, up to you! The reasoning for stability over TSS is you can use it with Prime, TSS you cannot. Prime will protect the fish from any ammonia and nitrite that WILL OCCUR during a fish in cycle. Just add the fish (waste producer) and the stability to your tank. I would recommend dosing Prime if ammonia or nitrite goes over .5ppm. Hope I helped you out this time, if you have any other questions let me know.
  5. NinyaCap

    NinyaCapNew MemberMember

    Good luck:)
  6. OP

    Racing1113Well Known MemberMember

    I definitely agree about Stability over TSS. I'd be nervous about no water changes over 2 weeks and I'd definitely be more comfortable having changing water and dosing Prime as I see fit. That's the way I was leaning lol but I've seen a lot of success stories on here with TSS+ but I'm just gonna go with my gut lol.
  7. NinyaCap

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    I personally have seen people having success with both products. Anyway, definitely go with your gut, I agree with it, I used TSS once a while ago on a fish in cycle (regret completely) added it, nitrite spiked to like 4ppm. Wasted $$, did a water change and dosed with Prime to keep them safe, then purchased Stability. Oh well.

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