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Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by cyber99fish, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. cyber99fish

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    Hey folks,

    I've talked about my tank before but I have a few more questions now.

    to refresh memories, 30gal tank w/whisper filter, 3 1/2 weeks old. I have a plant moved from an established tank. I've been feeding the tank, and still have not seen an ammonia spike. ( I've got zeros across the board, nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia. ) However I now have a new condition not showing up on the tests. the water is a bit foggy (3days now) and has a substantial odor to it. (musky kind of smell)

    Should I : a) change some water? (if so how much)

    b) hang on cause this is normal and will pass.

    c) do the hokey pokey and turn myself around. ::)
  2. Skadunkadunk

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    lol. I would change 20% of the water, and if that doesn't work, leave it.
  3. beckers4oranges

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    i like do to option C...but since A works the best...change about 15 go 25 % of ur water daily until cleared
  4. OP

    cyber99fishNew MemberMember

    Boom... I checked Ammonia again after I posted and guess what... .5 ppm :) How big of a spike should I expect before I get nitrites and nitrates? Should I grab some filter media or gravel from the other tank to help get it started?
  5. 0morrokh

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    C!!! jk ::)
    Cloudy water often goes along with cycling. As there is an excess of "nutrients" (ammonia, etc), microorganisms come to have a feast. The cloudiness will go away as the ammonia and nitrites do. So, my choices are B and C. ;D
    are you cycling with or without fish?
  6. OP

    cyber99fishNew MemberMember

    I have just the two tetras (listed below) and so far they seem happy. I can't wait to get them a few siblings so they realy start to school.

    anywho. I was thinking of a pantyhoe sock with gravel from the other tank. The filter in the estblished tank is only a few weeks old so I don't think a piece of the media will do much yet.

    now that I have some amonia building up, I was thinking this would help finish the cycle.
  7. vin

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    I would suggest that you test the water daily since you have fish. If the ammonia gets to 1 or more, do a water cahnge to keep it down. It might make the cycle take a little longer, but if you don't want to lose your fish the water change will help.

    You should see the ammonia rise for 3-7 days, then fall as the nitrites build up over the next 3-7 and then fall. As the nitrites fall, the nitrates will appear.

    Once the ammonia and nitrites are at 0 and the nitrates are present, the cycle is complete. Do one more water change and you should be set. Make sure the nitrates stay below 20 by doing regular water changes of about 25% weekly. And in all reality, if you can keep the nitrates between 5-10, you'd be doing even better.
  8. 0morrokh

    0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    You are going to have to be very careful about the water conditions since you have tetras in there.