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    Thanks for all the info I have ordered the master test kit as recommend, but it will not be here for a week do I still just follow the info in the begginers guide as my tank would have been set up for 3 - 4 weeks already (by the time kit gets here) with 6 danios and 3 golden snails???

    The bloke at the store told me if I ran a canister aqua one fillter and a in tank fillter along with snail and a few bristlenose catfish that i would not need to clean the gravel, is this true?

    I have know had the tank set up for 2 weeks, the first week 50% full with gravel in and secong week with bogwood, plants a 100 % full, I have been told not to clean fillters for 4 weeks. But my question is when do I do my first water change, I presume I don't do this during the nitrogen cycle !! Does this mean I will get loads of alge in my tank

    Thanks again

  2. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    While your tank is cycling, don't do a water change unless the ammonia or nitrite levels go above 1.0. This is to keep your fish alive. It may slow your cycle down, but you will have to do it so your fish survive. When you do a water change, don't vacuum the gravel until the tank is cycled. I disagree on not ever vacuuming the gravel. Once the tank is cycled, you should vacuum a half or fourth of the gravel each time you do tank maintenance. The bristlenose will poop a lot, and they don't eat poop, so it will just build up in your tank if you don't vacuum it up. How many bristlenose do you have in the tank, and how big is the tank?
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    Thanks for reply, I have a 165 ltr/ 45gl tank I haven't bought ant cat fish yet how many would you recommend, I have 3 big gold snail thing (sorry don't know name) but they seen to eat a lot of my plants !!! Also do the catfish eat the Amazon soward plants???
  4. GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    Some snails and some catfish will eat your plants, but usually not unless they don't have anything else to eat, at least the plecos won't. Do a google search on the snails (just use snails as the keyword), and try and find out which types you have. I think the gold ones are mystery snails, but not quite sure. I have never had any snails that ate my plants.
  5. RobboNew MemberMember

    Once again thanks, this forum is worth it's weight in gold !!!! ;D
  6. atmmachine816Fishlore VIPMember

    What type of fish do you plan on getting? It's always fun to help people stock there tanks.

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    I'm not sure which other fish t get first, I have been thrown by the fact that you need to wait like 6 weeks to cycle your tank and all this testing stuff, when I was a kid you just put the gravel in wait a week and all ya fish at once (explains why most of them died). So at the mo I have 6 zebra danios and 3 gold snails (not sure which flavour), at first I wanted to add some clown loaches but have seen need at least 55gl tank.

    So in short I'm waiting for all you to advise me on the best fish ;D