Cycle in one day? Angels plus active filter


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Started this hobby about a week ago with a 5 gallon betta tank and have then gone and started a 29 gallon community tank. I ordered 1 large active Angels plus filter a couple days ago for the 29 and received it today and within 3 hours I went from .25 ammonia, 2.0 nitrite, 0 nitrate to 0 amonia, 0 nitrite, and 5 nitrate. I currently have 8 neon tetras and 3 albino cory cats in there and they all look great and are acting and eating fine. When I first started my research on cycling a tank and saw it could take 8 weeks I was shocked but you can skip that whole process with these things it looks like. Also the owner answered every question I had right away. Would totally recommend to any newbie like myself that might run into problems cycling your first tank.


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A cycled sponge filter will instantly cycle a tank as you have just discovered. Any time I need to set up another tank I pull a sponge filter from my main heavily stocked tank. I put it and fish in a new tank. I never get an ammonia or nitrite spike and start seeing nitrates in a week or so. I highly recommend the AngelPlus seeded sponges. In my humble opinion a seeded sponge will work much better than anything that comes in a bottle.

To instantly cycle the new tank the bio-load in the new tank has to be lower than the bio-load in the parent tank. If it is higher you will experience a mini-cycle but it should be short lived.

If you are planning on adding more fish to this tank add them slowly to allow the bacteria to catch up with the increased bio-load. Fortunately bacteria replicates quickly so you can add a few fish each week until you have your full stock.

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