Cycle cycle cycle!!

  1. rae64 Well Known Member Member my fishless cycle has been chugging along... Levels are now 0 ammonia 1 ppm nitrite and 30 ppm nitrate. I have a cory cat all alone in my ten gal. Is 1 ppm nitrite and 30 ppm nitrate too much for him? I can detox with prime if needed. I just font like him being in an uncycled 10. Makes me sad. Also, how long should the rest of my cycle take? Thanks.
  2. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    sounds like you are well on your way. good job!

    Yes, you still want to do daily water changes with prime. 1 nitrite is a lot and can be lethal. also, in my opinion, even when cycled you want your nitrates no higher than 20, even though some say 40.

    i'd go ahead and do the pwc and prime tonight. :)
  3. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    Oh no!!! I think I might have just ruined my fishless cycle so far!!! Oh dear oh dear oh dear! Yesterday before I posted this thread i did a 30% water change and forgot to condition the water! There is .25 ppm ammonia in my tank just from a few parts of rotting plants I need to trim today. No ammonia added since yesterday morning. If my bacteria cannot handle that, it must all be dead... I think I killed it all with water that had not been dechlorinated... Also, I forgot to mention that at the start of my cycle I added too much ammonia... Therefore making things spike wayyy out if proportion. Yesterday was the second of my 30% water changes.I just dechlorinated with prime.

    Meenu... It was like 12 midnight here and I had already done a 30% water change. I went to sleep. Nitrates were like 80ppm. Before the wc. I also had .25 ppm ammonia before the change. I will change the water again today if possible. It is a hugeeee hassle and takes around an hour. I think I need a python.
  4. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Are there fish in the tank that you're cycling?
    If not, I'm wondering why you're changing the water?
  5. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    No, there are no fish. The water changes are because I added too much pure ammonia at thebeginning, and the levels were so high I could not read them. Yesterdays change was to help with some of the nitrates. Did I need to go that change?
  6. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Imo, no. Although there's such a thing as too much ammonia which would hinder the cycle. Once you got it to readable levels, no water changes would be needed.

    Yesterday, you had 0 ammonia. The bacteria need ammonia to live.
    Are you still adding it?
  7. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    Every morning I add 15 drops ammonia. I just added this morning, but my test results were taken before. (.25 ammonia, 1 nitrite 30 nitrate)
  8. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Ok, cool. In 24 hours the ammonia will be back to 0?
  9. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    Well, actually like .25 ppm. It was zero after the water change yesterday. But now I'm worried about 2 things. A) did I kill all my bacteria with water that had not been dechlorinated
    b) my cory cat in the 10 g has pretty bad conditions really dirty gravel and toxic water when the prime isn't in. can I move him into the 29 and prime every day and then seed with the filter from his tank? Also I just agged some old decor from his tank.
  10. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    ack, I am so sorry Rae,
    I didn't catch that it's a fishless cycle - I got confused when you mentioned the cory and thought he was in the tank you were cycling.

    For a fishless cycle, you don't need to change the water - it slows the process down a little. Since there aren't fish in there, I don't think unconditioned water will harm anything in the long run... you'll just do a water change after the cycling but before the fish go in, I think. The chlorine may have killed off some of the bacteria but I think overall you'll be fine.

    Lucy's right: keep adding your ammonia source. The fact that you have nitrates and nitrites is a good sign that things are going well with your cycle.

    edit: so the cory is in an uncycled 10 and you are fishless cycling a 29? I think you should leave the cory in the 10 and finish cycling the 29. The reason for this is that adding the cory will mean you can't continue adding the ammonia for the fishless cycle (I think), so all your work so far will be down the toilet. One lone cory won't produce enough ammonia to effectively seed a 29 gallon tank. I'm not understanding why the 10 is so dirty - can you do a cleaning (vacuum half the gravel, do a 50% water change with prime)? and then daily water changes with prime until the 29 is ready for him and his new friends?
  11. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    yes the Cory is in an uncycled 10. His tanksos so messy because of all the waste that I havnt been able to remove because it is all buried deep inhs gravel ( left over from the days if too many fish and overfeeging) plus his shrimp pellets make a mess. I was proposing to keep adding the same ammount of ammonia just dose with prime evry morning. Also my cycle should be done very soon so I will probobly be able to add the rest of my stock soon. Yet another plus is that I can run his filter on my tank and seed with more bacteria ( he is partially cycled) is this a bad idea?
  12. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    A) If you haven't done so already, add enough dechlorinator to treat the tank (29g)
    Add your ammonia today, if you haven't already. You'll know by tomorrow if you killed the bacteria because the ammonia won't go down.
    If it goes down, you're ok. (fingers crossed!)

    B) Daily water changes and Prime for the 10g with the cory. Lightly vacuum if needed.

    What are the readings before a water change in the 10g?

    Edit: If there's that much waste in the 10g, I'd suggesr a good vacuum. The waste and leftover food are just creating more ammonia.
  13. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    10 g readings are ammonia 1.5 ppm nitrite traces and nitrate zero. Note it still has prime in it's system. Idk if API tests read prime treated water for ammonia or not.

    Edit: just vacuumed the 10. Happy (the Cory cat) is kinda freaked out. The water I sucked up out if the gravel is nasty. And ended up collecting in a little circle with the same diameter as my fist. Gross. Now I just have to detox his water and add it back in. I don't really understand how it is that dirty...
  14. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    With the API kit and Prime, you need to wait 24hrs before testing to get an accurate reading. According to prime's website, you could get a falsse postive if you test too soon.
    The Prime converts ammonia into a non toxic form, the test will read ammonia but as said, it'll be non toxic.

    I'm a little confused, are you adding new water or the old water back into the 10g?
    It sounds like you may be over feeding Happy and not vacuuming enough.
  15. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    thanks for the prime info. I meant detox his new water and add it back in. Thr old water is getting flushed down the toilet. Happy gets 2 shrimp pellets every day. Occasionally he skips a day of feeding or gets part of an algae wafer. Lately ( this week) he hasn't had as frequent water changes because I've been really busy with school (2 projects, 3 tests, and an essay due) I think the shrimp pellets may be what's making such a mess.
  16. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Thanks for clarifying. :)
    Shrimp pellets and wafers break apart pretty quickly and make a mess. If it were me, I'd cut it to one pellet.
  17. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    alright :) so I just leave little happy where he is? He is one tough cookie. He had outlived mollies, platys, and another Cory. He's such a trooper, and a very special fella :) he is named happy because he always comes out to greet me. His other 6 Cory buddies are going to be dopey doc grumpy sneezey bashful and sleepy :) (the 7 dwarves :p)
  18. Meenu Fishlore VIP Member

    i think you should leave him in the 10g for now, just keep his water cleaner. the daily water changes will help a lot, if you are able to do that.
  19. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    ok :) I can likley get them done now, I'm on christmas break!!! Whoo! Haha
    hopefully next week we can get this cycle all done and add some fish!

    One more question... About how long does it take for the nitrite to fall? In other words how long will it take for my cycle to be done?
  20. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Yep, I would leave Happy where he is since you're adding ammonia to the 29g.
    Let's get that baby cycled!!!

    Agreed, daily water changes with prime and gravel vacs to get the nastiness out of the 10g.