Cuttings Help

  1. delta5 Well Known Member Member

    I refuse to run co2, so please spare me.

    When taking cuttings that I intend to root into a new plant, how much foliage and length should I leave?
  2. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Random comments about cO2 aside, it depends completely on the plant you're cutting. As a general rule for most stems, several inches is sufficient, and strip the leaves from the portion that will be below the soil.

  3. delta5 Well Known Member Member

    So they work just like plants grown in dirt or hydroponically. I took a cutting from a plant a few days ago and it started to root, but one of the big electric yellow labs decided to uproot it :( Then for whatever reason, the black mollies decided it'd be a good idea to eat the roots :(
  4. junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    aww :(

    Sometimes it helps to leave the plants floating for a few days, to let them develop strong roots. I rarely have issues with this, but the fish I keep are tiny and harmless lol. I also find that placing the plants near rocks or wood sometimes helps uprooting issues.

  5. _Fried_Bettas_ Well Known Member Member

    Most stem plants will send out side shoots from where you prune it. This is how you can make stem plants more bushy. So you may want to take this into account when you do your cutting and try to shape the plant how you wish it to turn out. As long as there are a few leaves on the part left rooted, it should grow from there.
  6. delta5 Well Known Member Member

    I had a ton of purple passions in my hydroponic years. (Not the illegal kind btw/ I'm not talking about pot) I made short bushy ones, tall bushy ones in the shape of an x-mas tree, even got a few to run 6+' vines to other hydro system that then continued on with more vines.