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Hey y'all so I have a 95 galloon tank but I'm no lazy and cheap to buy anymore plants so my idea is to convert my 10 gallon into a plant propagation tank where I can cut from previous plants and grow them in theyr
Any idea what I'll need for this as well as how do I cut from plants and what to cut
Was also thinking about adding shrimp to it to help cleanup the tank
Sorry I'm inexperienced with plants
Any ideas appreciated : )


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You would need to setup the ten gallon just you do any other tank. Since you want shrimp that means you need to cycle the tank before you add them too, they are too sensitive to cycle with.

How you cut the plant, depends on the plant. Also some plants have daughters, little mini plants of the original plant, that you can gently take off of the mother (original plant) when they get big enough. Then plant it.

Other things you will need for the ten gallon will be light, again depends on the types of plants you have. You will probably need root tabs, and fertilizers for the water column. You need to figure out if these plants will need high tech such as CO2 and high lights or if they will be all low light plants with no CO2 needed.


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Propagation differs between different types of plants. Some plants you can cut pieces of the stems off and stick in the substrate, others you can't. What kind of plants do you have?

Depends on the plants, but a good setup might be a fertilized substrate, or sand or gravel with root tabs for the root feeders; a small filter or powerhead for water movement; a sufficient light; a heater, depending on the plants you want to grow and the air temp; and liquid ferts.

Depending on the type and amount of shrimp, you may not need a filter or you may not need to cycle your tank. In a heavily planted tank, I doubt you'll see much of an effect of the shrimp on the bioload.
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