How Do I Cut Live Rock

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With a very sharp small pointed chisel or wedge and a hammer.Score the area (make a line dug into the rock) with the chisel you want to cut.Place the chisel point on the edge of live rock and smack the chisel head sharply with the hammer. You should get a crack or chip,(if not hit the chisel harder with the hammer)move the chisel farther up the line you made earlier.Smack the chisel again with the hammer,move the chisel and smack it again,following the edge of the line on the rock you want to cut.***repeat until the rock is cut the way you want****

EDIT****note***** 1 whack with the hammer is good,don't try to drive the chisel into the live rock,you only want to crack or chip it a little at a time,after you go around the line you made 1 time and it hasn't come apart,start over and retrace the same line with the hammer and chisel. Digging the chisel or wedge into the rock could make it shatter,If that's the goal,then everything is fine,if you want to shape the rock a certain way,strike and move the chisel,strike and move again.
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