Currentusa Led Humming?

  1. Butchcassidy Initiate Member

    Hello all. New member and new aquarist here. I am slowly setting up a 55 gallon and purchased a 48" CurrentUSA satellite freshwater led. After reading reviews it sounded like a smart choice. However, I tested the unit last night and there was an unmistakable hum that intensified as the light was made brighter.

    Is this common with this unit or led lights in general? Or do I need to make a return?
  2. Piaelliott Well Known Member Member

    I have 2 of those, no humming at all, 40 breeder, 20 long.
  3. Butchcassidy Initiate Member

    Thanks. Thought the same thing. Ordered a new one and will return this one. Love the light output it provides.
  4. Butchcassidy Initiate Member

    New light arrived today. Perfectly silent. Thanks for the help.