Current restocked levels !


Soooo… have not posted much lately but been busy! I have removed a few and added in a few others very close to the way I think I want it set up.

im going to update some photos and such as well but here is where it’s at-

55 gallon Rainbow 1
9 3/6 ratio Bosimani
4 2 pair yellow rainbows
6 Green corydoras - i think based on size etc it’s 4 females 2
1 - platinum female Angel - on time out form beating up her partner. May still rehome or create sorority/ bachelor set ups.

55 gallon Rainbow/community

1 3 spot gourami
1 rainbow shark - still a potential move or rehome.
6 zig zag rainbows 2/4 ratio 1 new male added today, 1 female in hospital almost ready to return.
1 raphael catfish
(5 pearl danios as soon as this new male is settled)

55 gallon Angel
1 male angelfish
3 clown plecos

40 breeder white sand - overflow tank with intent for just corydoras and maybe some guppies.
8 Sterbai corydoras tiny juveniles
NOT staying.
3 mutt rainbow babys - I can tell 2 female and 1 male. Have a little yellow/gold in the fins, they came from my mixed Austrians before they were rehomed. Soon as danios go they go to LFS.
5 pearl danios - moving to community

40 gallon breeder black sand
6 white skirts tetras
11 cardinals- started as 20 had some die off 1/2 were wild caught so … it’s not been ideal.
5 Julii corydoras - tiny juveniles
2 spotted corydoras

29 gallon grow out.
10 millennium Red rainbows juveniles - growing good 6 males and 4 females I will keep 2/4 ratio

29 gallon Angel
Breeding pair of platinum angels.

20 gallon
8 red phantom tetras
2 mini Mexican orange crawfish

still a ton fish but spread out some and I think my school sizes are much better. The one 40 gallon breeder will only have corydoras in it so, could pop and Angel in there if I needed etc. eventually the solo Angel either Swap with or have the red rainbows added.

anything I could/should add ?

any down stocking I’m open to. I could reduce the species of rainbows, remove the shark, not keep danios, remove some all angels. Etc.

I love to add - whiptail catfish, more angels possibly (would have to go down a species of rainbow I think)… I want 4/5 in a 55-75 some day but all same sex so have to raise and weed out or hope mine have success breeding. I also really want guppies, but failed once and not sure where they could go. There are several small species of blue eyes smaller rainbows that interest me as well as black emperor tetras or similar ….. so many options.

love some thoughts feedback on where I’m at.

thanks !

only real recent pic of the 20 with red phantoms

angels trying to breed - females get mad when it does not work out.



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