Current or Unknown Brand LED?


I'm setting up a 40 gallon reef tank in a few weeks. I've had several a few years back when everyone was using metal halides. I've done some research and have decided to switch to LEDs. That being said, I've found LED choices to be overwhelming and I just feel like there HAS to be a few fixtures every steers towards that aren't Kessils.

My plan is to have LPS, mushrooms, and leathers in my tank. I'm currently between these two light fixtures, both which appear to have enough light for that, but offer different price points and "smart home" options.

Does anyone have experience with either? One is made by Current, which I've used in the past and it's a good standard go-to, but usually nothing special. The smart home connection isn't a huge thing for me. The other is this random brand on Amazon called "OceanRevive". I found the fixture based on some light review articles online. I'm erring towards the side of the Current one, but can't decide- big choice!

Option 1: Current Orbit Marine IC Pro LED 4335 Dual Light Fixture

Option 2: OceanRevive Arctic T247-B Full Spectrum Dimmable LED Aquarium Reef Light


I’d personally go with the current USA one of these two options. The bit extra in money you’ll get more longevity likely and if something breaks on it you’ll actually find support and parts. The cheap Chinese one if something little breaks you’re likely Out of luck.

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