Current List of my Inhabitants:

  1. FishFan Member Member

    Here is a list of my tank inhabitants as of today:

    3-Apple Snails (2 yellow & 1 black)
    2-Velvet Swordtails (1 male, 1 female)
    1-Longfin Danio
    4-Glass Catfish
    8-Painted Tetras
    2-Glowlight Tertras
    2-Emerald Cory Cats
    1-Fancy Guppy (female)
    3-Blue Tetras
    1-Neon Tetra
    3-Serpae Tetras
    1-Red Tailed Shark
    4-Feeder Guppies (2 male & 2 female)
    2-African Frogs
    1-Ghost Shrimp
    42 Inhabitants

  2. Jason Well Known Member Member

    i'm just curious but does your Red-tail Shark have a more Orangish tail than red, cause mine does and all the ones I see in pet stores for sale have orange tails. I have seen 2 really red ones but they were display only.

  3. Miss Mouse Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I've noticed that too.
  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Weird hey, I really wanted those display one though. They looked great, but I think they were about fully grown

  5. FishFan Member Member

    Yes, she is a nice orange tailed (I say "she" because I believe her to be a her" LOL) I've had her since she was little and her colors are getting richer and she's growing quite nicely. At this point, she's hardly aggresive and only puts the sassy Serpaes in check-which I appreciate ;)
  6. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Mine's got a nice orange tail, but it is quite aggressive goes after my chin. algae eater especially and also my swordtails, cory and neons at feeding times
  7. FishFan Member Member

    Hm, mine isn't really aggressive at all-except to those I want her to be sassy to ;) :p