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    I'm new to keeping fish. I recently got two male bettas and two angel fish. I have them in two tanks( bettas separated). I am gonna get a ten gallon tank from a friend. But I was wanting to know since it is a bigger tank, would it be ok to put both bettas in it without a divider? I am looking at dividers, but i was just curious. And if it would be ok to put a pleco with my bettas.
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    Welcome to FishLore!!
    Unfortunatly, 2 males cannot go in an undivided tank. Someone would be killed.

    A 10g isn't big enough for a pleco and a betta, especially if it's divided for the two of them.

    What size tank are you getting for the Angels? I don't know much about them, but you'll need at least a 30 for 2, probably bigger.
    Someone with more experience with them can help with that.
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    Ok i figure I'd have to get a divider.
    I read that you could put angel fish with bettas. I have to tanks and was planning on putting each one with a Betta. But I ended up having to put both angelfish with my betta in the 1 gallon bowl that i have right now. My sisters Betta is more aggressive than mine and was stressing the one angelfish out. My Betta is doing good with both of the angelfish, he flared a little last night. I figure with more room, my sisters betta wouldn't be as aggressive. Am i right?
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    It depends. But I'd advise getting at least a 5 or 10 gal each for the bettas. It's quite risky keeping Angelfish with a betta because both can possibly kill each other.
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    Not necessarily. Most bettas don't make good tank mates.
    Either they can get aggressive or their flowing fins are targets for nippy fish.

    :( I'm sorry to say, your fish probably won't live long in a 1g tank.
    Toxins can build up quickly.
    I see you don't know about the nitrogen cycle. Here's the link:
    Nitrogen Cycle

    They're tropical fish and should have a heater unless you live in a consistently warm climate.

    Also, Angels get pretty large, kept in too small of a tank will stunt their growth which can cause heath problems and deformities.

    :( Sorry I can't give you a more positive post.
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    ok, see I've heard and read that Betta fish and angel fish do ok together. That is why i got some angel fish. I've read about people having different kinds of fish with their betta and stuff. And like i said before I was gonna get a ten gallon tank from a friend. But I change and clean the tanks once a week. I read to do that somewhere.
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    Hey, don't go just off my advice, but my male betta is in with a small pleco (temp), as well as 2 mollies, two platties, and some cardinal tetra. I've been told I have the buddah of bettas. He has NEVER picked on any of them and is very happy, active, and healthy. My tank has about 10+ plants in it as well as other hiding spots. If your pleco is small, I would say you could try to put them together till the pleco grows. Watch closely for a week or two to ensure the betta doesn't attack.

    The fact you are going to perhapse split the tank could make your bettas more aggressive though as they will see each other.
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    See my betta isnt doing to bad with the two angelfish today. Last night he flared and little, esp. after i moved the white one over from my sisters tank. So i think mine will be ok, but my sisters was pretty aggressive with the angelfish.
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    Seems like it has a potential to work, just make sure you have a back up plan of where to relocate a betta or angel if they fight. :) Good luck!
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    Those angelfish need a MINIMUM 40gal tall tank when they get bigger and they grow FAST. Angelfish get to be 6" long and 9-10" tall. I have a friend who has his two adult angelfish in his 29gal tank (temporarily) and they are SO cramped.

    As for bettas and angelfish together...I wouldn't do it. Once the angels get bigger, they're going to get territorial, especially if they form a breeding pair. Bettas are territorial as well, so you mix the two, especially considering they're both middle to top swimmers and you have SERIOUS problems in a small tank. If you had them in 100+ gallons, it *might* work, but then the tank would be too deep for the betta (they don't do well in tanks deeper than 18" because their swim bladders aren't designed to accomodate the water pressure in deeper water).

    Ammonia builds up quickly. I have a male betta temporarily in a 2gal hex until his 8gal gets finished. I have a sponge filter in the tank and I still do twice weekly 40% water changes. The smaller the tank, the harder it is to keep your parameters good. If you aren't running a filter on your little 1gal (and I don't consider those undergravel filters are "real" filters), I'd be doing AT LEAST 50% water changes every other the VERY least.
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    Thank you guys so much. I've learned a lot, I wish i would have got on here sooner. See I didn't know angelfish got so big, every thing I've read or heard hasnt said anything about them getting that big. But I've just been looking for fish that you can put with bettas, not actually researching the angelfish. I'll have to definitely get a bigger tank for the angel fish later. Right now the angelfish isn't to aggressive at the moment, but as soon as they get bigger i'll change them.
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    Hi there, and welcome to Fish Lore! Have you considered getting some mystery snails to go with your bettas? They are very easy to care for, I just drop an algae pellet in the tank once in a while for them. Perhaps one for each side of the divider? You probably won't want to add them until the tank is a month old or so or they might starve. I'm not sure if a 10 gal. is enough room for two snails or not. Someone else can probably tell you that. Anyway, good luck with your bettas!
  14. fishaddictedNew MemberMember

    No i havent thought about that. That could be pretty cool, thanks for suggesting it :)
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    However, I wouldn't suggest anything with the current fish until you get anice-sized tank for them. As Bassbonediva said, you should get a tank that is at least 40 gallons (tall, not long), and a divide the 10 gallon tank for the two bettas.

    If you cannot find a 40 gallon tank very soon, I would suggest give your angelfish to a friend who can accomodate them or the pet store.

    A 1 gallon fish bowl most definately not sustain the fish for very long. I would suggest DAILY water changes of 50% dechlorinated water. It's actually very easy, just take a cup and scoop out half the water, then pour new dechlorinated water in.

    Also, a fish bowl cannot have a filter or heater. You should go buy an aquarium air pump (make sure its specialized for aquarium use), like a Tetra Whisper Air Pump, plastic tubing, and an air stone. This helps to keep the surface agitated and allow oxygen transfer, or the fish will literally suffocate. Here are the links to the products:

    Air pump:

    Airline tubing:


    Of course, as the fish are tropical, they will need a heater. However, no heater is safe to use in such small volumes of water, so it is another reason you should get a large tank.

    I see that you do not know about the Nitrogen Cycle. Basically, in only 1 gallon, the fish will literally poison themselves in their own waste. Click the link in my signature and read about the nitrogen cycle.

    Oh, and welcome to Fishlore! Have a wonderful time here!
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    I use a turkey baster to do water changes on my 2gal. That way I can get some of the ammonia-causing waste out when I do the water change. It takes a little longer than the cup method, but I think it's worth it. You can get a turkey baster at Walmart for $1.97.
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    About the nitrogen cycle, it say it takes a bit. So till i get a bigger tank, if i regularly clean and change the water will my fish be ok? And i have well water, so i dont need to condition it or anything.
  18. bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    They should be okay if you keep up with the water changes and such, at least temporarily.

    I would say as far as finding a bigger tank...check your local Craigslist. I've found SEVERAL larger tanks on mine for decent prices (there's a 100+ gallon on there right now for $'s just the tank, but still) and I live in a very rural area, so bigger cities usually have better selections and better prices. I would say go for a 55gal if you can find one (and have the space for one). That'll give you plenty of room for your angels and you could have some other fish in there as well like small tetras or such.
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    ok yea im gonna have to look around.Two of my friends have fish and they didn't do the cycle. they've had they're fish for a while to and they are ok. they have an oscar, a gold fish, both have a betta and one has a guppy with their betta.
  20. ElodeaWell Known MemberMember

    However, I'm certain that the fish have suffered massive internal damage and will have dramatically shortened lifespans. When I didn't cycle my 10 gallon tank, half the population died THE FIRST DAY. In a week, the survivors slowly died off, one by one.

    Since a 1 gallon fishbowl has no heater, I would get a new tank soon. Or at least rehome them.

    I know that the cycle seems intimidating, but it seriously isn't. I'm sure that you will be able to handle it.

    Only a true fishkeeper will be able to have the patience and perseverance to pull through the 2 month long cycle. If you are not diligant enough to keep up with this, the challenges ahead will likely overtake you in this hobby.