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  1. lisaw007

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    Just got over curing ich...Tank is returning to baseline. Still a little cloudy from the turmoil. Found a pod of mystery snail eggs I did not expect...
    Question..I see little white round "egg" like things on the top of the heater...the Angels hang in this corner..Are they eggs? They are new in the last 24 hours or so
  2. hampalong

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    Sounds likely. :)
  3. OP

    lisaw007New MemberMember

    Love your "i don't keep fish..." I read that Angel eggs are more clear if they are fertilized..Is it possible they just lain eggs..they are noit in a pod or group..just randomly spaced on top of heater.
    Is it possible it is just some new algae thing in the tank
  4. OP

    lisaw007New MemberMember

    Well we will see..the 2 angels are watching over this corner like a hawk..Pecking around the "eggs" almost cleaning. The 3rd angel is hanging far away from interesting to watch
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  5. BDpups

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    It's really hard to tell from the pic. Has that been in there overnight? It's kind of an odd place for angels to lay eggs. Are you sure you have a female? Any other egg layers in the tank?

    Scratch that. I looked at the pic, posted, then read your comment. :;smack
    I need to stop doing that...

    So I would guess they are the angels. Are any turning white? What else is in the tank?