Curing Ick With A Betta Help

  1. Ashley Campbell

    Ashley Campbell Valued Member Member

    My husband has finally found the betta of his dreams. a dragon scale black devil. unfortunately he has Ick. how do we cure it? I've read heating the tank up to 85 for two weeks but I'm worried about the betta in that type of temperature.
  2. IRTehDar

    IRTehDar Valued Member Member

    The temp increase is by far the safest cure for the betta and is 100% effective against ich.
  3. j

    johnbetta Well Known Member Member

    and feed live food dipped in garlic juice the high temp is good use an air stone to airate water

  4. B

    BlackOsprey Valued Member Member

    I cured my betta's ich with a VERY small amount of aquarium salt. Bettas are apparently really sensitive to salt (it irritates the organ that lets them "breathe" air) so you can't use very much. He seemed rather uncomfortable for a while but it cleared the ich right up for me.
  5. junebug

    junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Where did you hear that? It's completely false. Petstore bettas are a hybrid of several different species, one of which is a brackish water species (yes, there is such a thing as a brackish water betta). They aren't particularly sensitive to salt and the salt wouldn't affect their labyrinth organ at all, just their epithelium and gills.

    That said, are we sure the betta even has ICH? Bettas rarely get it, even if they're in infested water in a petstore. They are just not very susceptible to it.

    Can we get a picture of the OP's betta?
  6. B

    BlackOsprey Valued Member Member

    Huh, the more you know. Thanks for clearing that up. :D
  7. OP
    Ashley Campbell

    Ashley Campbell Valued Member Member

    unfortunately my camera is not the best. You really can't tell from any of my pictures. I'm 99% positive that he has Ick. how long do we keep the temp at 85?
  8. IRTehDar

    IRTehDar Valued Member Member

    3 weeks to get all of it for sure.
    Ich can actually live in hopt water just fine they just cant breed. a 3 week period ensures every last one has died from old age without producing offspring.