Curing fin rot without medicine

  1. eliscofield12 Member Member

    So my red fire dwarf gourami has a pretty severe case of fin rot and it is getting bad so I moved him to a hospital tank and I will not be able to get medicine until next Tuesday and want to know if there is any way I can help him without medicine. Please hurry his life may depend on it.
  2. clk89 Fishlore VIP Member

    Fin rot can be treated pretty easily without meds. just keep the water clean, parameters perfect, and do lots of water changes. What are your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate)?
  3. eliscofield12 Member Member

    In the med tank 0 0 15
  4. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    I would do some large (50%) changes daily to see if that helps. If it doesn't, meds are the next step.
  5. eliscofield12 Member Member

    Ok thanks

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Bithimala Well Known Member Member

    Agreed with Texas. Regular water changes to make sure the tank is pristine should help out.
  7. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    iseems depend on the kind of finrot. Some are very progressive and definitely need meds.
  8. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Agreed, but OP can't get meds until next week though :(
  9. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Yep. Waterchanges till next week.
    Makes it also possible to check if those alone will work and meds aren't needed !