Cure Dead/Dried Live Rock How Do I

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    Hi Everyone,
    So... I have finished setting up my Nano-Cube 12g DX. 12lbs of dried/dead live rock, 12lbs of Aragonite reef sand, about 9lbs of 1.021 salinity saltwater from the LFS, and a constant water temp of 80 degrees. I plan to take my time on this tank, but my goal is to have something in it by January 1, 2012(a little over 2 months time), be it 1 fish or 1 coral. My question is, what is the safest and for sure way to cure my rocks without having to purchase an already cured live rock? I just set up everything so my nitrogen cycle hasn't started yet. I had 2 options in mind...
    1) Do the dose of pure ammonia way
    2) Do a dose of pure ammonia with Bio Spira.

    Any other suggestions are very welcome.

    Thank you in advance!
    - Michael :;dete
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    If you just put the rock in he tank it will cure by itself as long as you have a cycle. If you use bio spira you will have to add fish or ammonia to keep the cycle.