Culturing Live Foods


Hellweg, Michael R (2008) Culturing Live Foods: A Step-by-Step Guide for Culturing One's Own Food for the Home Aquarium. TFH, NJ
First post comment: I just received this book. I'm impressed with the detailed information it provides. As I read along will update this review. Impressive detailed photographs. 240 pages. Costs around 40USD.

I've been enjoying this great book. Although pretty good information can be found in the web. Having an updated book in which food are classified in chapters makes it easy to use as consultation.

The book is divided in four parts.
Part 1, entitled "Food for Larval and Post-Larval Fish", contains four chapters that cover 1: phytoplankton, 2: protozoans, 3: metazoans, and 4:larval food "cocktails" as well as drip feeding methods.

Part 2: entitled "The Brine Shrimp, Artemia sp." contains a single chapter dedicated entirely to brine shrimp species in a level of detail I've had never read before in a single source.

Part 3: entitled "Food for Juvenile and Adult Fish" contains 7 chapters that cover live food from the smaller to the largest sized fish, in order. 6: Plants and Algae; 7:Worms; 8: Mollusks; 9:Crustaceans; 10: Insects; 11: Fish; 12: Amphibians.

Part 4: entitled "Collecting Your Own Live Food", presents historical and present data on a very appealing "DIY" way. I'm enjoyng this chapter as I'm reading this book.

With all I've read and studied so far in my short time as fishkeeper (going into three years), this is a book worth to purchase if you're interested in enrich the diet of your fish; and I would dare to say that for my coming projects, it's a "must have" book for fish-breeding purposes.

I expect to improve this review as I grasp better the content by experimenting with the practical aspects: attempt to use the methods described here to farm a few specimens of live food.

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I've heard good things about that book. I got my P. Taeniatus from the author last year. He's given me some pretty good advice on feeding them to condition for spawning as well. It's definitely on my "books to buy" list.

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