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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by David C, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. David C Well Known Member Member

    I've been looking at making an online purchase of my CUC since the prices are so much lower. Based off several different sites recommendations, I would be looking at about 350-400 snails and 100 small hermits. Maybe this is just me, but it seems absurd that I would need this many inverts in the tank. Am I being stupid or are the sites trying to boost sales? At 40 cents a crab and the such, we aren't talking about huge money, but it still seems insanely excessive to put that much in a 90gal tank. Please someone set me straight :;bb


  2. Viper New Member Member

    hey dave, not that i know too much, but that does sound like a ridiculous number. I have 6 snails currently working my 30g tank. if and when i get more growth i might bump it to a dozen, but honestly these guys are doing a awesome job, i'm actually afraid they are out of food/algae to eat. I have 4 turbos that prob do about 6-8 circles around my tank and i have 2 Nerites. i'm guessing a number around 25-50 snails would suffice depending on how bad your tank needs them and a few hermits. But thats just a guess. you can always add more.

  3. Morgan111 Well Known Member Member

    The rule I learned was 1 nessarius snail per gallon (the small version) and 1 crab per 10 gallons .... I just buy the others as needed for algea

  4. locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, that is way too many. 1-2 per 10 gallons sounds about right. Also note that the shipping and handilng is what gets you on the mail orders. Compare both costs before you decide to buy online.
  5. David C Well Known Member Member

    Thanks everyone, at least I don't feel crazy anymore. I figure since I have a DSB, ill go a little heavier with the nasserous (sp?) snails but at least your guys' recommendations are more on track with what I would *think* is reasonable.

  6. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Ceriths are also supposed to be good for sand sifting... at least, that's what I have read. :)
  7. Morgan111 Well Known Member Member

    I thought they were algae snails? I could be wrong
  8. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Yeah, they eat algae. Pretty sure they stir sand too.
  9. Morgan111 Well Known Member Member

    cool had no idea
  10. ATP Well Known Member Member

    some good CUC and I seperated them to either they stay in sand or rocks, glass, etc.

    Algae on rocks, glass:
    hermits (prefer scarlets IMO)
    astrea snails
    mexican turbo snails
    Tronchus snail
    emerald crabs
    lettuce nudibranches

    Sand stirrers, diatoms, etc:
    Tigertail Cucumber
    Nassarius snails
    Cerith Snails
    Bumble bee snails
    Sand shifting Stars (only if you have a real DSB and lots of food/junk)
  11. David C Well Known Member Member

    Nice break down ATP, thanks for the info.