Crushed Oyster Shells As Part Of A Reef, Tank-base???


I am considering using some washed, crushed oyster shells as part of the base in my reef tank when I finally get around to getting the tank setup. I found a 50# bag of oyster shell at Tractor Supply Co for $9.99. I am hoping that Tractor Supply will have a sample out on display so that I am able to see how coarse or fine the oyster shell has been crushed.

Does anyone see a reason why this oyster shell wouldn't be acceptable to use as part of a base in a reef tank?

I am also considering purchasing "The Package" from Tampa Bay Saltwater for my 29 gallon tank which includes live rock, live sand, hermit crabs and many other organisms from the ocean to provide an "instant reef" in a tank. In order to buffer the water and keep the pH of the tank up, I figured that I should also add some sort of calcium supplement to the tank and crushed oyster shell or crushed coral seem to be the two easiest ways to accomplish this. Since I live in MN, the oyster shell is cheap and available.
Any and all opinions welcomed.
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