Crs help !

  1. derkulies Member Member

    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite. 0
    Nitrate. 15
    Kh. 2
    Gh. 10
    Ph. 7.2
    I keep waking up to finding one crs dead. Usually milky white, I observe them eating and going about thier day.
    I started with 13 and have lost 5.
    What can be going wrong ? I have had them a 2 months and now this just started happening. I have had 2 successful broods as well

    I did have a small ammonia spike before this and out of panic for my first broods I used fedbenzole to treat for water hydra. Didn't want to loose my shrimpets to them.. any ideas, I do water changes once a week, I do dose seachem flourish once a week for plants and seachem flourish excel. Also have diy co2 in the tank.
  2. BlackNotebookTanks Well Known Member Member

    Are you sure it isn't them molting? Their skins look like milky white replicas of the shrimp. I find them all the time in my shrimp tank. Are you sure they are dead?
  3. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Do you have a buffering substrate? Could be a pH issue with that low kh.
  4. derkulies Member Member

    Sorry for not replying sooner, yes the ones I pulled were dead and curled up. I retested kh it is 9 that brought my co2 to 30ppm, I ghetto rig a night time shut off this is what they look like before they die. They swim awkwardly then the next morning are dead. What am I doing wrong :( it's a 29 gal and I do a weekly change of 5 gallons temp is 79, it's summer so that's hard to keep cooler than that with the tank being upstairs also with night time shut off the pH is now sticking around 7.6 DolfanView attachment 1466446930803.jpg 1466446840826.jpg
  5. derkulies Member Member

    They did amazing the first two months and I even had babies I have seen 4 of them..
  6. Aichmalotizo Well Known Member Member

    Kh shouldn't be affected by the amount of co2 in the water at least I don't think it can... CindiL is the chemist. I mean, it shouldn't go up 7 points like that, once the co2 is off. Thougj that post was worded in a slightly confusing way. What's the parameters of your tap water vs the tank water?
    Also, those are red cherry shrimp, not crystal red shrimp. RCS, not crs
  7. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Ha ha I am not a chemist. I (think) have a firm grasp on our water chemistry and how it relates to our nitrifying bacteria and fish. I have a lot of experience with RO and well water and softened water etc. but thats where my chemistry knowledge ends.

    derkulies were you initially leaving co2 on at night? Do you have plants that must have it infused? My guess here would be drastic ph drops at night while it was on were killing them and probably created your ammonia spike too (a sudden drop in ph inhibits the bacteria). It would weaken those who have survived.

    I hope their deaths stop now that your ph is more stable between night and day.

    What is the KH of your tap and your tank right now? Do you have any minerals in your tank like coral, limestone etc? If your KH is 2, it would also explain ph crashes. Ideally you want it at 5 dKh or above.
  8. derkulies Member Member

    Deaths have stopped for the time being, and they are more active in the morning and dusk,

    Kh out of the tap is 9, and I think the co2 was the problem , I'm not running any coral or additives with it that high.

    I'm gonna keep a close eye on everything and I think you were right it was crashing at night
  9. derkulies Member Member

    Had another death today.. think it's just residual effects from everything else, others have been hiding under drift wood, rarely ever see them out anymore. Should I just do a large water change like 80 to 90 % ? And should I just go to liquid ferts instead of the co2 injection until i can afford a nice co2 system that I can have control over ?

    I'm kinda at a loss of what to do and only have 3 left. CindiL
  10. derkulies Member Member

  11. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Sorry to hear that. Shrimp are very sensitive. What is your tap ph and your tank ph right now?

    Did I ask if the deaths started after the CO2 injection was put in? But yes, I would just be using flourish excel for now.
  12. derkulies Member Member

    Tap pH is 8, at lunch it was 7.6 in the tank,

    And no this has all been recent, I ran co2 from the beginning and had two females breed actually, that's why I'm baffled, I did do the the fenbendozole treatment for water hydra, and they seemed okay for about two weeks after that, I did notice pH in tank was at 7 at that time and had a small ammonia spike (probably cause of all the deaths) and that's when I made the night time shut off valve, so I'm wondering if this is all just residual effects from the pH crashes at night
  13. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    I think fenbendazole is pretty toxic to shrimp and other inverts. Did you dose it at full dose or half dose? Did you lose any shrimp during treatment at all?

    How low did you see your ph go during those nights you were losing shrimp?

    I'm sorry I'm not much help but it seems like perhaps the fenbendazole could have weakened them, that along with the ph crashes could have just been too much and you're seeing residual effects.
  14. derkulies Member Member

    No shrimp within first week of treatment and I did a 40% water change, I did 1 mg mixed in 200 ml of water and dosed 50 ml of water, which would have been.
    .25 mg for 29 gallons. Which I read from others on forums and that was less than .1mg per ten gallons. Did this Cuz my tank was covered in water hydra. And was about to have my first brood of shrimpets. I did notice the pH at 6.8 at this time and had the small ammonia spike. And they started dying one by one.

    I just started running active carbon again when I set up night time shut off
  15. derkulies Member Member

    Should I just do some large water changes or a series of small ones ?
  16. tjander Well Known Member Member

    I was having a hard time with my shrimp as well, not red cherry but bamboo, ghosts, and amino shrimp.
    I stopped using the excel and kept up with Flourish at the recommends dosage. I also added cuttlebone.
    My ph is around 8 my nitrites and ammonia are 0 GH KH are both on the high side don't remember the exact number. My nitrates are 40 to 60.
    I say all of this because my shrimp are now living well for over 6 months not a single death. My water parameters are steady for the last 6 months as well.

    If I was you...Try stop using the excel and see if that helps...
  17. derkulies Member Member

    Will do, I did a large water change 60%, I know right now that may be bad but kinda in a rock and hard place.. crazy thing is 2 came out no more than 10 mins later and started eating like crazy
  18. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    That's good news. I hope the deaths stop.

    It was weird because when I ordered RCS on-line, a dozen red, and a dozen yellow, I pretty must lost them all within a few weeks even though it was a cycled tank. A few of them had offspring who are all doing great, I now have about 30 young and really young ones. I never did figure out why they died but I kept waking up to one or two dead every day like you.
  19. derkulies Member Member

    That's the crazy thing too, all the shrimpets are doing well but hard to know if they are dead Cuz they are like 3mm in length lol
  20. CindiL Fishlore Legend Member

    Yeah they are super tiny aren't they? They blend into everything. Sometimes I take out a magnifying glass and then I find them all over the substrate!

    Well, glad your shrimplets are doing well!