CRS Crystal Black Shrimp


I have a few extra CBS Shrimp and am offering them for sale.

$5.00 per shrimp
$10.95 Flat rate Priority shipping (USPS)

On orders of ten or more I am giving generous overs to Forum members before I go on AquaBid.

My Ph is 6.9, Temp 72F. and they are from a heavely planted established tank.

If you want any they would need a very slow acclimation (sensative to changes)

I recommend at least a group of 5 to 10 to get a good mix of male and female...they are too young to sex yet.

PM me please if interested.

I can also add a couple of the red ones too. A few were hatched by the CBS, but to be red, they have both red color genes and are pure CRS. (I was told by another big shrimp breeder. Seems to be true, was a great bonus).
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Sold out for now!!


Hello Ted,

I've closed your thread since the items were sold.

Thanks! Hope you're doing well!


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