Crowntail Bettas Susceptible To Fin Rot?

  1. Chlorophyll.And.Light

    Chlorophyll.And.Light Initiate Member

    I was thinking of getting a crowntail betta. But I heard they were prone to fin rot, and fin curling. I was wondering why, and if kept in a clean environment (2.6g Fluval Spec III) will these problems go away?

  2. Cheesearmada

    Cheesearmada Member Member

    If you keep them in a tank with proper filtration and you vacuum the bottom of the tank regularly with water changes you should be fine.
  3. j

    jenag145 Member Member

    I totally agree with this! Best option to keep clean water and keep testing it.
  4. iamclaire

    iamclaire Member Member

    2.5 are super hard to keep stable. However if you have a larger tank, the crown tail will likely do better in it. Having the rays rather than the halfmoon allows greater maneuverability and decreased drag. I have one in a 29 gallon. He loves it!
  5. j

    jenag145 Member Member

    I would go with a larger tank. I used to have mine in small ones that the pet store sells and they don't stay stable and are more prone to fin rot and etc