Croaking Gouramis: Somethings you should know


Hello everyone,

I have had dwarf croaking gouramis and croaking gouramis. Here are some things you should know.

There are currently three recognized species of "croaking gourami."
They are Trichopsis vittata, Trichopsis schalleri, and Trichopsis pumila. T. vittata is almost always called the croaking gourami. It is the largest of the species, reaching close to 3". T. schallerI is the one I have never had, although I think one of my smaller T. vittata is T. schallerI mislabeled. They reach about 2.5" and are called sparkling gouramis or three spot gouramis. Finally, the smallest at about 1-1.5" is the dwarf croaking or sparkling gourami. T. schallerI has been said to breed with T. vittata and T. pumila. The reality is that their are probably more species that have not been described that are floating around the pet trade.

So to recap there are three species of Trichopsis. All of them croak. Males croak against each other to fight over territory or mates. It is usually non-violent, unlike bettas. It can escalate depending on how evenly matched they are. Here are my boys fighting. If you turn your volume all the way up you can hear the croaking.

So, some of you may be thinking, "Well I have some sparkling gouramis (T. pumila) and they are awesome. I think I will get the larger T. vittata. Well don't. At least don't do it with the big croakers. They killed my little T. pumila. T. pumila is really shy and should not be kept with other gouramis. T. vittata is pretty aggressive against its own kind, compared to sparklers. My group is a bachelor one, and if the big male was paired with a female, I think he would kill the other similar sized male.

Any, this may seem pointless to someone, but I wanted to warn people that all Trichopsis are not created equally. T. vittata is a big boy with a bigger personality. Having said that, I love them as much as I loved T. pumila, and I would highly recommend them. Mine are in with some golden barbs, and they show no fear, being about the same size.

Hope some of you Trichopsis fans found my insights interesting. Cheers!

Oh yea, if you get Trichopsis, don't have bad lighting like I do. They can be extremely colorful in the right light.


Thank you for sharing this information.
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Thanks for the great write up Phil.
That's an awesome video.

I don't know how anyone could mistake a three spot (Trichogaster trichopterus) for a sparkler.

I've got T. pumila but I suspect one (so far) is a T. Schaller or possibly a cross between the two because of it's size.
The newer ones are young yet and showing different growth rates, so who knows.
All were sold as Sparkling Gouramis.

These are the pics I was going by trying to figure mine out (scroll down):

There just too darn cute with their clicking and blue eyes.
I've kept them with Guppies, Cardinals Glow Lights and Cories.
The only real aggression I saw was during spawning and protecting eggs.
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