Critters In Aquarium

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Rasboraww, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Rasboraww New Member Member

    Hi Guys

    We're in the process of cycling our tank, and haven't added any fish yet. However, we do seem to have some little residents already, and I was wondering if anyone could help identify them and let us know whether or not they are a problem?

    First, some little critters which are maybe 1mm long and appear white, they swim around in little jumping motions. They're difficult to see so I hoovered one up and took a couple of pictures under a microscope. I thought maybe it could be a copepod of some kind? Not sure though.

    Secondly, I noticed a little snail today which presumably came in as an egg on some java ferns we got. Here's a picture - he's camouflaged on a rock but he's there. Could someone tell us if this is likely to be an issue? If these snails are fine then we'll leave him in there, but if not we'll get rid and hope there aren't any more.


  2. FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    The first picture could be a dragonfly or damselfly nymph, but I am probably wrong about that one.

    The third picture is a bladder snail. There is usually a population explosion of them in the first weeks of them being added to an aquarium, but then their population gets under control after a month or two. (at least in my experience)