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Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by andrew hickman, Jun 25, 2018.

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    I'm part of a senior capstone design team tasked with building a recirculating aquaculture system for a shrimp farming tank. We've been working on the design for a couple weeks now, and would love some feedback on things that should be changed/problem we might run into further down the road with our current design. There are some things to note though:
    1. The design of the tank itself may seem weird, but it's a prototype so were mainly looking for advice on the recirculating systems itself (plumbing, sump, that sort of thing).
    2. We have taken out certain parts of the tank design because some of it isn't supposed to be open to the public. For this reason I may not be able to directly answer some questions, hence why were mostly concerned with the design of water recirculation.
    3. It being a prototype project, we weren't looking to spend absurd amounts of cash on things such as foam fractionators for what will be a 6 month test trial.
    Here are a couple pictures of our design:
    It's an 800 gallon tank (40'x4'x0.67') that will feed into a 300 gallon sump via siphon (although not properly depicted in the drawing, but something like   ). The sump will have an area that will hold several 200 or 100 micron filter socks, as well as an area for the biofiltration media via trickle filtering. There will be close to a 1x water exchange per hour. Originally we had planned to build the sump from plywood/fiberglass, but we would prefer to use an alternative method described below.The tank will be made from 3/4" plywood and pond liner. I've exhausted all other options, but they tend to be too expensive (fiberglass+pond armor) or warrant a higher degree of risk (pond armor without fiberglass).We hope to use this   as our sump since it is relatively cheap and will slide right in, and we can fiberglass any additional panels (such as for the socks/biofiltration media).That's all I've got! Please let me know what you guys think, I really appreciate it.
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