Critique My 75!

  1. Dycofree Well Known Member Member

    Title speaks for itself. Ill attach pics below. Heres some info!

    Marineland 350b (75 gal)
    Fluval 406 (100 gal)

    10 Lemon Tetras
    6 Denison Barbs

    Soon to come:

    1 severum
    15 Cory cats/different bigger cats
    1 BN Pleco

    Tank temp: 75 Degrees

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  2. Kody Grieve Member Member

    very nice aquascape, nice filtration, be careful that the rocks don't raise the pH/hardness of the water.
    very nice tank overall :)

  3. Dycofree Well Known Member Member

    Thank you! Will do.
  4. Heather L Member Member


  5. Dycofree Well Known Member Member

    Thank you!!
  6. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    looks Fantastic. Been a long while coming lol
  7. Dycofree Well Known Member Member

    Youre telling me, lol.

  8. BHK3 Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful tank and fish!!! The only things I would add are a tall plant (maybe some Jungle Val?) in the back left to add some height and camouflage the white pipe thing, and a couple smaller rocks in the front of the tank to add some more depth.
  9. Dycofree Well Known Member Member

    Ok awesome thanks for the input. I have sand built up in front of the canister intake (or white thing, lol) whitch rock holding it in place so getting a plant there would be difficult. Plus with the severum, he might wipe it out pretty quick. I do like the rock idea, thank you!
  10. Herkimur Well Known Member Member

    VERY beautiful tank!
    I wish mine looked like this.

    Your aquarium makes me jealous, that wall color however absolutely sucks and ruins the whole 'assembly'.

    A black wall would tie this all together

  11. Kailyn Member Member

    Beautiful tank!
  12. Dycofree Well Known Member Member

    Lol I will definitely work on that asap.

    Thank you!

    Im going to pick up about 30 small river rocks and place them along the front section of the tank here shortly.
  13. Dycofree Well Known Member Member

    Got the river rocks in the bottom. Improvement?

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