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    This is an animal that I have wanted for around 2 or 3 years and in 6-12 months I will be in a situation where I could possibly be able to keep one. Because of this, I am trying to accumulate as much information as possible about these beautiful reptiles. This will be my first reptile ever, but I am willing to put in a lot of work and effort into setting up and caring for it.

    With that out of the way, I wanted some of the people knowledgeable in reptiles, and Crested Geckos in general, to help me out with some basics...

    First, I would like to use a 20-gallon (long) aquarium to house it in. I've heard of a lot of people that flip their tank vertically so that the Gecko has more vertical climbing space. But, being the worry-wort that I am, I'm really confused on how this would be sturdy and how I would access the inside of the tank. Could anyone help me figure this out?

    Second, I have heard some mixed things about using a UVB light with Crested Geckos; some places say that it is not necessary as long as their food is supplemented with D3 and Calcium, but other places say that it is necessary. What are your guys' opinions about this?

    Third, and finally, what kind of food is best and how often should I feed the Crested Gecko? Would I feed normal, pre-made food daily and give the Crested Gecko gut-loaded and Calcium coated crickets every few days? Does anyone have a schedule that they use when they feed their Geckos? Also, what brand/type of food do you recommend?

    Sorry for the essay-like post, but I really want to make sure that I have the ability to do this right and have a happy, healthy Crested Gecko. Thank you!
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    For food, feed them either Pangea or Repashi. Supplement every once in a while with calcium dusted crickets.
    There is actually a Pangea Forum. Look it up :)
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    I was actually looking at their website (Pangea) a little while ago, and they seem to have some pretty good products, judging by the reviews. Do you have any suggestions on the best place to by crickets? It seems that most places online only sell 100+ crickets at a time, which is just a bit too much for my preference.

    After some consideration, I think I'll probably just end up purchasing a 18x18x24 Exo Terra as it is aesthetically pleasing and seems quite practical and easy to set up and use long-term.
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    I'd check petsmart, and Pangea actually sells them.
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    That's good to know, thanks!
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    Does anyone have any information about the UVB light? That's what I'm most concerned about.
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    Any opinions?
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    With a crested geckos cage you want to go for more of height than floor space, this is why some choose to put the 20L on its side. If set up correctly and put somewhere that it would not be knocked over this should be stable enough

    I also recommend Exo Terra cages. The 18 18 18 one or the 18 18 24 work very well for these critters.

    Food wise, I recommend Repashy Crested Gecko Diet or Pangea CGD. Mine don't personally like some flavors of Pangea though, but I've heard amazing things about it. I feed every other day or so. Bugs aren't completely necessary, but mine enjoy them every once and awhile

    I don't use any special lighting on mine. I supplement every few feedings. Lighting shouldn't hurt though, just consider that the gecko will usually hide all day with or without the light, so he/she might not benefit TOO much from it
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    Thank you! I really appreciate this :D
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    Sure thing :)