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BReefer97 said:
Before adding plants to your enclosure try acclimating them to the area the tank is in first we’ve were having loads of trouble getting things to survive long term in our tanks for quite a while, which is really frustrating because I like to consider myself pretty good with plants, but once I started letting them sit in their nursery pots for a while in areas by the tanks they did much better once I added them in. House plants seem to work best for me personally, outdoor plants seem to die off pretty quickly.

But definitely looks like he loves the heck of it! And hahah I know, you provide the geckos with all of these awesome live plants and hides..,and they choose to hang out anywhere but there. One of my tanks is full of foliage and hides but the gecko chooses to sit on the door of the glass; absolutely no where else. I take that as they feel extremely secure in their environment and feel no instinctual need to hide but others may say different.
oh I never thought about acclimating the plants before, didnt know it was a thing lol. I will have to give it a try. I'm fairly good with plants, I can get most plants to grow but can't do succulents for some reason. yeah I noticed that as well, outdoor plants don't seem to do as well generally compared to indoor plants.

although I hate removing the plants from the planters they come in because there have been times where I found earth worms in them despite the plants being indoor. I can handle most bugs but not worms @.@, they are my worst enemy. right? you get geckos all these nice things but don't want to use them. it doesn't worry me, I also see it as them being comfortable enough because there is nothing indicating otherwise.
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