Creating a Betta's home

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    I'm a little bored, so I decided to do a post on creating a healthy, happy habitat for a betta.

    First, you'll need to buy a tank. Do NOT buy a bowl, a vase, or anything less than a 2.5 gallon! A 5 gallon would really be alot better than a 2.5, and if you get a 10 gallon, your betta will have a palace!

    You'll need a filter and a heater. Bettas like to be kept at around 78 degrees, and they don't like alot of water disturbance from the filter, so take this into account when buying. Make SURE you don't go overboard with the equipment. A filter for a larger tank will cause too much water flow, and a heater that's too powerful can kill your betta by oveerheating the tank.

    Also get some substrate. Don't get sand. If you get gravel, make sure it's smooth so it won't damage your betta's fins. Marbels or those little flat glass "pebbles" will work well.

    Get some plants and decorations, too. Live plants will provide oxygen and absorb some ammonia. If you get fake plants, don't get plastic! They will tear your betta's delicate fins. Get silk plants instead. Get a couple of structures for your betta to play with, such as a castle with large smooth-edged holes.

    Take your tank & equpment home. Do NOT buy a betta yet! You'll need to cycle your tank before you put your new friend in. Set up the tank, plants, decorations, filter, and heater. Don't put it in direct sunlight. Research instructions for a fishless cycle, follow them, and don't buy your betta until you have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and around 10 nitrates.

    Make sure you aclimate your betta before letting him into his new home. If you don't, you risk having him or her go into shock from the change in water temperature.

    If your new fish doesn't eat right away, don't worry. Give your betta a few days to settle in.

    When cleaning the tank, never wash off the gravel, and NEVER use any soap on anything going into your aquarium. Use a siphon & gravel vaccuum and do a 25% water change every week.

    Have fun with your new betta!
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    lol..... I geuss some people do need proper education on bettas though. hey if you are bored then you can go to the games thing on here, they are pretty fun! :)
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    Great reminder on Betta care. :)
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    hehe. You should go and post that around on a few of those "free" classifieds sites. :p
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    lol, i agree! and put them on a table or something outside of petsmart and walmart
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    YEA!!!!!!!! I remember that there was a post I read that there was a wedding and the bride and groom were giving out bettas as there gift to everyone!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe it, most of the people that took one probably didnt know how to care for them or even have a proper home for them. The girl that posted it said that she didnt go but her mom told her that some people just left them at the wedding on the tables when thy left! Bettas are not gift favors they are living creatures ! On my wedding im gonna give out puppies!!!!!!!! ( i was just kidding ) PS. , I would of left with all the bettas that didnt have a home and would have wanted to quiz the people that did take one to see if they new ow to take care of them.
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    Haha - that made me laugh.

    Thanks for reading this, everyone!
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    :) Wow, I recently made a wikihow article, with pretty much the same steps! I suppose great minds think alike.

    If only more people knew about setting up betta tanks-- my English teacher was just telling the class today about her betta. She says a neighbor gave her a betta when they moved away, and she wanted to give it a "good home", so she converted a 1 gallon bubblegum machine into a tank. When it died (what a surprise!), she went out and bought another, and it died, too. I asked if it had a heater and filter, she said no. I told her if she got them, her fish might live longer than a few weeks. Maybe I should show her my article...

    ((Oh, and if you're curious, I also wrote an article called How to Find a Reliable Fish store.
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    Just bumping this so more betta newbies can see it! We don't want any bettas dying in tiny bowls!