Create Your Own Plant Package W/ Free Fertilizers - Lowtech And Hightech Plants Available Want To Sell

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  1. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    Hi FishLore,

    As you all know, all aquariums are different in size, lighting, fertilizing, and bioload. I'd like to create custom plant packages for your particular tank in order to help you create the planted tank you've always wanted.

    All Plant Packages Will Include:
    • Free Fertilizers: Root Tabs on all orders; Dry ferts on orders $50+
    • My complete guide for using fertilizers and planting/propagating all Plant Species I own
    • Answers to any and all questions relating to plants and planted tanks. Feel free to PM me for any help with live plants or your planted tank.
    Minimum is $15 Including shipping. Price can go as high as necessary.

    Most plants that I own do not need CO2 and do well in low tech tanks. All plants that I own were grown submerged and are of the highest quality. I do not sell any emersed plants. Here's a list of plants I have that you can use to create your package:

    *Plants in Italics and Bold are currently not available, but will be soon

    1. Dwarf Sagittaria
    2. Microswords
    3. Hydrocotyle Japan
    4. Staurogyne Repens
    5. Pearlweed
    6. Dwarf hairgrass
    7. Monte Carlo
    8. Giant Baby tears
    1. Java Fern
    2. Bacopa Caroliniana
    3. Bacopa Australis
    4. Alternanthera Reineckii
    5. Limnophila Aromatica Mini
    6. Limophila Dwarf Bonsai
    7. Hottonia Palustris
    8. Pogostemon Erectus
    9. Hygrophila Pinnatifida
    10. Creeping Jenny
    11. Ludwigia Peruensis
    12. Crypts (Crypt red/brown wendtii)
    1. Amazon Swords
    2. Ludwigia Mini Super Red
    3. Ludwigia Repens
    4. Ludwigia Arcuata
    5. Ludwigia Ovalis
    6. Brazilian Pennywort
    7. Anacharis
    8. Rotala Rotundifolia
    9. Rotala Pink
    10. Rotala Green
    11. Rotala H'ra
    12. Bacopa Monnieri
    13. Hygrophila Corymbosa
    14. Hygrophila Cordata Red
    15. Hygrophila Tiger
    16. Cardamine Lyrata
    17. Jungle Val
    18. Pogostemon Octopus
    1. Guppy Grass (May be discontinued if no demand)
    2. Salvinia Minima
    3. Azolla
    4. Riccia Fluitans
    5. Duckweed
    6. Giant Duckweed
    Feel free to PM me if you're interested in a package.

    IMG_0196.JPG IMG_2753.jpg

    Rotala rotundifolia IMG_0384.JPG
    Ludwigia Mini Super Red IMG_9447.JPG
    Ludwigia Peruensis IMG_9387.JPG
    Riccia fluitans IMG_3199.JPG
    Ludwigia Ovalis IMG_1311.JPG
    Dwarf Sagittaria
    IMG_2085.JPG IMG_3458.JPG

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  2. Ed1957 Well Known Member Member

    Love your plants. The Dwarf Sagittaria look great. About 8 - 10 stems of Anacharis. A bunch of Bacopa Carolina. A bunch of water Wisteria. And a larger background plant that have long leaves that span sand to near water level that are about 1 to 2 inches wide.

    I have a 36 gallon with 1 larger Amazon sword and 2 smaller Dwarf amazon swords. If you have any ideas please let me know.

    Please price out what I wanted above. If you recommend any please state size and where planted and price. Thanks in advance.

    Shipping will be to Daytona Beach

  3. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    I’ll send a Pm

  4. kathy7878 Valued Member Member

    I am interested in a package with plants that are easy. Beginner here with a 75 gallon tank.
  5. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    PM has been sent. Thank you!
  6. Brans0628 Valued Member Member

    I would love some creeping Jenny guppy grass,hornwort, anacharist
    I’m in Dallas Georgia
  7. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    Awesome, I’ll PM you!
  8. Asteria_and_Rogue Well Known Member Member

    Could you recommend some plants for a 55g? I would be intrested in buying them as well.
  9. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    Sure! Please PM me with your tank specs and the budget for your package. Thank you!
  10. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

  11. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member


    Most of my plants have regrown, but they are going very fast. I have lots of dwarf hairgrass, rotala h'ra, riccia fluitans, and more in stock.

    I am officially discontinuing:
    1. Stargrass
    2. Broadleaf watersprite
    3. Guppy grass (still iffy on this one, but if there's significant demand I will continue propagation)
    4. Hornwort

    I'm discontinuing the production of these three species because they are extremely delicate. While they all have a hardy and fast growing nature, they do not ship well. Stargrass and broadleaf watersprite have very delicate, paper-like leaves. Often, the damages sustained during shipping are not noticeable immediately since I'm able to pad the plants adequately, but the stresses soon manifest within a few hours after putting them in the tank. Hornwort tends to ship okay, but when put in the tank, it has a bad habit of dropping needles as it acclimates to a new tank. It's too unpredictable and as a result, it will also be discontinued.

    I'm still on the fence as to whether I should discontinue the guppy grass. Not many people like this plant because it tends to be brittle and breaks into many pieces around the tank. I don't get too much interest in this plant as well. If you guys think I should continue propagating this plant, please let me know.
  12. mexicatz Valued Member Member

    Will you have any more rotala green soon?
  13. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    It might be a few more weeks until I can pump that out. I got five stems a few weeks ago so it's still in the process of multiplying.
  14. SeanyBaggs123 Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately the plants I currently have are out of control!!!
    I imagine sometime in the next couple of months I will have to thin the tank out and sell off the offspring. When that happens I'll be in touch!!!
    Hopefully you'll still have some dwarf hair grass.
  15. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    I have dwarf hair grass available right now if you're interested
  16. SeanyBaggs123 Well Known Member Member

    I am, I just have no idea where I'd put it!!!

    Edit: I could move the tree decoration in the center of my tank! Whats the going rate?
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  17. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    $6 per finger sized plug. Around 40-50 blades
  18. Elle2128 Valued Member Member

    Hi, could you PM me a possible package for a low light 40 gallon breeder? Medium planted I'd say if what I am going for. Hardy plants preferable as I have high ph, hard water. Not entirely sure on my own budget, depends on the offerings I guess, lol. Thanks!
  19. jennalynnj Valued Member Member

    Hi! I am interested in a small package for a 5 gallon betta tank. I am interested in getting asian origin plants to complete the tank. So that means Hydrocotyl Japan, Limnophilia (either or both), and Rotala (whichever is shortest I am guessing for a 5 gallon) So my question is... will they survive my low tech tank? And if so. How much would a package of these 3 cost? Any other suggestions?
  20. Vishaquatics (Koiman) Well Known Member Member

    Hydrocotyle japan and rotala will both do well Lowtech. Limnophila aromatica will grow Lowtech, but it’s definitely harder to do than the other plants. For Asian origin plants, I would also recommend Bacopa Monnieri. I’ll pm you with prices