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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by maia, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. maiaNew MemberMember

    Mr. Velvetine (my red betta's name for now) has moved out of the vase back in with his buddies. The whole tank needs to be treated so he might as well hang out in there anyway. He got a salt bath for 30 minutes yesterday. He did look a little mopey, but not too stressed. He does have (what I think are) velvet spots but he's acting as happy as a betta can be, so I wasn't sure if he had velvet or not. But I did see the cories flashing yesterday. I'm medicating with Protozin (half the dosage because of the kuhli loaches). The lights are going to be turned off in the tank until next wednesday (hopefully the plants'll survive) and the temperature's up to a happy 82 degrees. Now...just have to wait it out and see how it goes.

    A few questions:
    The instructions gave information on how to treat the tank - but it doesn't say what to do afterwards. What kind of a water change do I do afterwards? Do I just do regular weekly 25%? Or larger more frequent ones to get the medication out?

    I have a plant (I'm not sure which kind) it just keeps growing up and up and up!! I trimmed the tops last week and replanted them, now the plantings are almost at the top of the water level. Is there a way to control this? Can I do anything with the excess plants or am I just going to have to start to throwing them out?

    I bought live bloodworms while I was picking up the medication. After this Velvet incident I'd like to not worry about bacteria, but I know that feeding bloodworms has a risk of introducing disease. Any recommendations on how to prepare them?

    Thanks so much guys in advance!!
  2. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Just a question. Why are the lights going to be turned off? Is this a requisite for the medication? I am not familiar with that particular medication so I may be asking a dumb question.

    Most medications can be removed by putting the carbon back in your filter media. Carbon does a good job of removing medication from the water, that is why you take it out while you are using any medication as it takes it out as fast as you add it. But to be on the safe side a 30% water change never hurts. A water change will never hurt anytime and after your fish have been ill they will probably appreciate one.

    Plants are out of my pervue. You might try to post in the Plant section and maybe Off-ice or one of the experts can answer you. It might help if you could include a pix of the plant.

    Live bloodworms can indeed cause a problem with introducing bacteria to your tank. That is why a lot of people stick with the freeze-dried. The fish get all the nutrition without the risk. There is no way to prepare them that I know of other than feed them raw. The fish won't accept them otherwise. Be prepared to have your Betta turn his nose up at them if he has not been used to them. Sometimes we think we are getting them a "treat" and if they aren't used to them they are stubborn enough to say "no way". Contrary to a lot of other fish, Bettas don't usually much go into variety. I have tried and am trying right now to change foods and the results are NOT pretty.
    LOL ;D ::) :p ;)

    Hope this is helpful.


  3. poefoxWell Known MemberMember

    How does your Betta get along with the Cories? Mine sometimes chases them. Lol, Bettas seem to get the best names, btw, Mr. Velvet is a cool name. Mine is called Darth Pisces.
  4. maiaNew MemberMember

    Mr Velvetine gets along just fine with all the tank mates. The loaches'll zip by him and practically knock him out of the way when they're up to their antics at night. He barely gives them a second glance. He's really peaceful with the cories too. When it comes to feeding he'll go after their sinking pellets and practically sits on the cories, it seems neither party minds.

    The lights are off because I read the Velvet parasite also has chlorophyll in it so I'm guessing when it's free in the water it feeds off light (kinda like algae). It was recommended to dim the lights - but I don't really know how to dim tank they're being turned off. I think it'll also be good for breaking Mr. Velvetine's habit of looking for intruders in the glass since I always forget, when I know I'm coming home late, to turn a light on in the room while the tank lights are on.

    I was really excited about feeding live food!! I should've done my research beforehand. Is there other live food that's safer? I have a fishfood mix that has some freeze-dried bloodworms in it, but my betta definitely enjoys the sinking pellets meant for the cories better. Maybe after he settles in he'll be more open to other foods.
  5. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    I have heard they eat beef heart in small doses. You might try that. It would certainly be safer than the worms of any kind.

  6. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    yuck. :-X
  7. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    LOL Emma, I am not asking you to eat it! I am also not feeding it to MY bettas. I don't want them to have live food, but some people do and this is a much safer live food than worms. :D :p ::)

    But just an idea, Beef Heart and Dressing is a delicacy where I live and really quite good. I grew up knowing what it was like - not raw of course. Tastes like really lean roast beef.

  8. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    Beef that literally, like, the heart of a cow??
  9. chickadeeFishlore VIPMember

    Yes it is a heart of a cow.

  10. 0morrokhFishlore VIPMember

    mmmm, lunch! :p :eek:
    I guess we eat cows too, just different parts. It's not that different if yoiu think about it. Just kinda wierd. Oh wow, I really am insane, I'm talking to myself except I'm typing it. ::) :p ;D :D ;)

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