Crayfish or lobster

  1. Bonnie1953

    Bonnie1953 New Member Member

    So I am having a aquarium built for me. 48X12X12. So works out to be a 30 gallon tank
    Black background, black sand, and black fake logs, and plumbers tubing. Filter not sure yet.
    What would be more suitable tangerine crayfish or tangerine lobster or lots of brightly coloured shrimp.
    And how many for each species
  2. aliray

    aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    I think the tangerine crayfish and tangerine lobster are different names for the same crayfish. They can get good sized so I would just go with one with lots of areas to explore. and things to do and climb on. He would really stand out in the tank. Wait for other responses. Alison:;hi1