Crayfish Mating

Discussion in 'Crayfish - Crawfish' started by Crazy Crays24, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Crazy Crays24Valued MemberMember

    Crayfish Mating Questions

    I have a male and a female crayfish in a tank together. They were in a 5 gallon, and the male ripped off one of the female's claws off. Does that always mean that they mated if the male takes off the female's claw?
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  2. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    No, crays even a male and a female will get into some fights. They are territoral even being opposite genders. I wouldnt have a male and a female together in the same tank at all. Really I wouldnt have two crays of any kind in a tank together.
  3. Crazy Crays24Valued MemberMember

    Ok thank you. Do you have any info on how to breed them since I already have them together?
  4. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    I don't have experience with breeding them yet...I've only been keeping them for over a month. I cant say a lot other then what I have learned.  
    I have used that site in the past to research things before. I find their info pretty good and trusting. But thats just IMO. Best of Luck with breeding them. If you get a success post some pictures lol.
  5. Crazy Crays24Valued MemberMember

    ok, thank you. That website said that the pregnancy process takes at least 4 weeks and its only been about 2 since she lost her claw, so in about 2 more weeks I will definatly be able to tell
  6. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    The male will flip the female over on her back and climb on top. the chances that your crayfish mated in a 5 gallon are slim to none. and generally, they will not loose limbs while mating....they were fighting.

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