Crayfish in 20?

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    fighter55 Valued Member Member

    Hi everyone! I recently have set up my friends 20 Gallon Long, and it's doing great! I currently have 1 Honey Gourami, 1 Golden Ram, and 3 Peppered Cories(planning on upping to six). I used to have an EB Ram too, but sadly he had a worm(parasite) inside of him, and a horrible case of mouth fungus. As hard as I tried, I couldn't save him. The Honey and Cories were still in my QT when it happened, and i had my Golden Ram in there as well once I found out what was wrong. I'll have the Gold Ram in there for about 3 weeks to make sure he/she doesn't have a parasite, and the Hone and Cories out in 2. I had also planned to have a ten gallon, but do to my clumsiness it broke:(. So, I was wondering if i could have a CPO in my 20 long with the cories, ram, and gourami. If possible too, could I have shrimp as well? I found it sort of redundant to get a divider because of the shrimp, but i could easily still get one.
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    Yes to both questions :) The crayfish might eat a few shrimp, but that's a good thing - it'll get nutrients it needs that way.
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    So I don't need a divider?
  4. allaboutfish

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    no you dont. CPO's wont get eatin by the fish and cant eat them either. i've been told CPO's are completely fish, shrimp, and plant safe, but i've never owned one so they may pick off a shrimp or 2, but if you get RCS they breed so fast it wouldnt matter.
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    well actually if your talking about crayfish then yea you would be running a big risk but if your talking about shrimp then they are peaceful since i have 2 ghost shrimp myself in my 40 gallon freshwater. I have 1 crayfish and i made the mistake of getting a small figure 8 puffer that lasted only a week and he was doing fine until my crayfish got to him one evening so just a word of thought.
  6. Jaysee

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    Yeah, a puffer is an easy target. If it were bigger it probably would have eaten the crayfish. But they are talking about getting a dwarf crayfish which is the size of a ghost shrimp.