Crayfish hiding and not eating

  1. Nick Della Rocca Member Member

    So I got a blue craefish/lobster on wed. This week. When I bought him from petco it seems when she distrubed him he was just finishing his molt. There was a little bit of shell floating around,So im assunming this is why I have barely seen him. Is it normal? Also He has not eaten a thing Since I got him atleast I dont think. Is that normal? I was looking to do a partialy clean out, Should I wait another week for him to get comfy ins his new home/shell? Also I have heard people sinking calcium blocks or the calcium rods for birds and turtles. Do you leave it in there always or do u put it in there when he is molting? And the iodine, Is there a special iodine for pets you use or is it just normal iodine we use as people? And how much would you put in a 20g h? I have bought some ghost shrimp yesterday. I think 1 is gone, Woitch if it is thats fine he did his job. Do you think a danio would of eaten it? They are small fish so I dont think so. Im hoping he met his fate to my blue and he atleast ate something. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. The Crayfish King Well Known Member Member

    If he just molted, it might be best to leave him alone for a few more days, also that might be why he hasn't eaten much. There is special iodine intended for aquarium use, it should be available at Petco, though, for freshwater the dosing would be different (people usually recommend half the dose intended for salt water, but I would ask someone else to be sure). Kelp tablets are a good alternate source of iodine if the pet store doesn't have any packaged iodine. Pet stores also have liquid calcium for aquariums. Calcium sticks are something you could use as well. Best of luck!

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  3. Nick Della Rocca Member Member

    thank you. the liquid calcium they had was for coral
    she said i can use it just use a smaller amount. she didnt seem to confident so i didnt. but i will go tm i am gettinf a fish for my fiance. do u put tge iodine and calcuim as said on the label or only during a molt. and thank you!
  4. The Crayfish King Well Known Member Member

    The calcium and iodine can be added regularly so that your crayfish can maintain a strong, healthy shell. Be sure to only add a small amount of iodine though. Too much could be harmful. Especially if you have other fish in the tank.

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  5. Nick Della Rocca Member Member

    i do have other fish. and im looking to add a african butterfly later today or tm. thank you for the advice again
  6. The Crayfish King Well Known Member Member

    No problem :)

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