Crayfish Has Not Molted

  1. Madison Lancaster Initiate Member

    I have had my crayfish for a little over a month and he has not molted yet. He is about two inches in length, and he is a Missouri Ringed crayfish. Is it normal for him to not have molted yet?
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Giving this a bump up for you

  3. Goldfishkeeperplus Member Member

    What are you feeding it?

    They need calcium in there diet.I have one it's a cobalt blue lobster, he's molted twice in less than a month.
  4. Madison Lancaster Initiate Member

    I feed it shrimp pellets, algae discs, and sometimes earthworms because he absolutely loves them. I have eggshells in the tank to help add to the calcium. My local pet store, there are no fish stores in my area at all, does not provide any calcium drops or supplements. He seems happy and is eating. He is very interactive and shows no signs of being sick or unwell. I just want to know why he has not have molted yet.

  5. Goldfishkeeperplus Member Member

    Just give him some time and see what happens, how old is the crayfish?
  6. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    You can also put cuttlebone (in the bird section) in the tank, filter, or both to add calcium.
  7. Madison Lancaster Initiate Member

    I do not know how old the crayfish is, I am guessing less than a year since he is still pretty small for is species. Thanks I will look into that about the cuttlebone.

  8. DylanM Member Member

    Do shrimp need a calcium source too? I'm sure it would also help my plants, so I'll look into getting one soon any way. Are you sure that it is okay to put bird cuttlebone in a fish tank? I have a few cuttlebones that I keep on hand for my senegal parrot, although I rarely replace them considering she seems to get all the necessary nutrients from the birdseed mix I give her and rarely touches the bone.
  9. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Yeah. Just boil it for a few minutes so it sinks. I had others tell me about this. I have a pretty big chunk in my tank for my snails. Sometimes they rasp the bone itself. It also grows algae on it for them very easily. Just keep an eye on your pH level. I didn't notice any difference with mine, but some do.
  10. Madison Lancaster Initiate Member

    Good to know

  11. TerryCat Member Member

    Equilibrium is also good for adding minerals to your tank.
  12. Madison Lancaster Initiate Member

    Thanks, he is seriously rearranging the fish tank right now. He pushed all of the gravel to the front of the tank and in front of his two hide-aways. I am hoping that he may be getting ready to molt because he has never done this before.
  13. TerryCat Member Member

    It's so much fun to watch them re-scape! Is it possible he is a she? the only time mine have done this is when they were nesting with eggs...
  14. Madison Lancaster Initiate Member

    I know he is a he because he has the small "clamps" on his underside and more little "fins" on his tale.