Crayfish - bad molts - do I need to add iodine?

My blue crayfish has had 2 bad molts out of the last three. from what I've read on here and on-line it's possibly the iodine levels are low? my local pet store has no testing kits for iodine/iodide and no supplements for freshwater, only for reef. Basically they are no help. Can someone tell me what testing kit I can use? All of the ones on Amazon got crappy reviews. And my master testing kit doesn't test for it. I'm not even sure what the levels need to be? Or what is a good supplement for him? Any help is greatly appreciated. Please be gentle, this if my first cray and I'm still learning.
Iodine added in salt water aquarium is a necessity,
In freshwater there's no need whatsoever to add and in some cases will kill your inverts, there's enough Iodine in their food
If your cray is having bad moults you need to post your water perameters GH,KH,PH,Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, what you feed, water changes, how often & how much to see where the problm lies

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