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Discussion in 'Snails' started by cajunfiberco, Apr 11, 2010.

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    Hi guys, I brought home 3 little mystery snails today - a white, blue, and black. I already have a gold in one tank :)

    I was observing them today and the black one is ok, the blue one has just opened his door just to peek (I'm worried about this one, it's how 2 of my snails that I bought from the same store acted when they died) but my white one who is acting normally, has a crack in it's shell! It doesn't look very deep, but it's pretty long.

    Should I wait and see if better water conditions (me vs the store) will help it, or should I seal it up with some aquarium sealant, or just leave it be?

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    O_O Ahhh dont do the sealent! lol. Its natural for them to get cracked shells. A calcium rich diet will fix that right up. Remember they are always growing their shells so it'll heal over. Hikira algae wafers is what you need. They are loaded with calcium, and are free of copper sulfate (which will kill them) Just give him a few months his shell will heal over as he gets bigger and his shell grows more.
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    Thanks y'all. I only thought of the sealant cause I think I read somewhere there was an extreme case of cracked shell and it was suggested to use that. But this guy's crack is not very deep at all. My water is very hard to begin with, and I give them the Hikari wafers and egg shells :)

    I may have to move all the snail into my 5 gallon though, it is overrun with algae right now! My bigger guy that I've had for about a month can keep it under control, but the problem is it's a divided tank so he can only keep one side clean. In the meantime the other side gets build up! My new guys are very little right now and still acclimating so they aren't doing much.. I'm just gonna wait until they're comfy though where they are and leave it all be.

    Sorry for that ramble!!
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  6. FurallicahWell Known MemberMember

    No problem Cajunfiberco. Just be careful of them reproducing. But other then that it sounds good. Oh and also as they get older they'll slow down on their algae eatting. They'll still eat the algae wafers just less of the algae on the tank.

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