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    I Have had a 10 Gallon tank for approx 3 years. I finally upgraded to a 36 gallon tank with the appropriate filter and heater kept at 75-76. I have a wall bubbler too. Its been set up and running for 3 weeks now. with the 4 4ish I have in it and the Live Plants the bacteria has begun to settle. I just recently added a fiddler crab to the tank along with a suctioned landing for it to crawl on. I am so Enamered by the crab that I am interested in adding a couple more. Please advise where I can purchase a Vampire Crab or a Patriot Crab online. I have been to numerous Websites and cannot find any sites that sell them. I would appreciate any advice. Thank You.
  2. allaboutfish

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    well sorry to tell you but there are a bunch of things wrong with this set up.
    1. fiddler crabs like companions.
    2. fiddler crabs will either end up eating your fish or your fish will end up eating them.
    4. when i had fiddlers they primarily stayed on land only sometimes going to the water so they'd need more land then you've provided.
    5. fiddler crabs need brackish water. meaning they need some aquarium salt for saltwater tanks added to their water.
    id suggest moving your fiddler back to the 10 and make a sand slope with 75% sand and 25% water. use rocks to keep the sand from totally going into the water and buy a small internal filter for the water. also add a small heat lamp with a regular house bulb in it make sure to do water changes once a week and to replace evaporated water. also get a hydrometer and some salt for saltwater tanks and make a salinity around 1.005-1.010
    here's a fantastic link on them
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    ???Unfortunately allaboutfish is right, I bought some fiddler crabs because I thought them so cute. What they don't tell you at the store is that they definately need brackish water. I had about 10 crabs and some of them crawled out of my tank and the others died because I did not have enoght salt in the water. Your crab may last a month or two, but that is about it.:;jaws